Could The Disappearances of These Four Women Be Connected to The Chillicothe Six?

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Drive an hour south of Columbus, Ohio, on Rt. 23 and you’ll inevitably end up in Chillicothe, a town 20,000 people call home. Of the handful of places that fall within Ross County, Chillicothe is the only town large enough to be called a city – but it’s still small enough that when multiple women began to vanish, people noticed.

Investigation Discovery’s series The Vanishing Women follows the active investigation into the unsolved disappearances and deaths of six women from Chillicothe – but they are not the only women in that area who have vanished.

A quick Google search reveals numerous Facebook groups and websites devoted to locating missing women from not only Chillicothe, but several neighboring towns and counties. Each disappearance is as inexplicable as the next; the only clues available are rumored correlations between several of the women and so far, police have turned up empty handed.

Megan Lancaster, age 25, went missing from Scioto County in April 2013. Then and now, Megan’s disappearance is difficult for anyone to reconcile – she left behind a young son, and her vehicle was discovered abandoned in a fast food parking lot. While Megan’s family knows she struggled with drugs and addiction, they also find it difficult to believe she would leave her son, unless she left against her own will. After several other women went missing in the years since Megan’s disappearance, local police began working with the FBI to search for similarities across the cases. It is rumored that Megan attended the same rehab center as several other missing women.

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Main image: [Investigation Discovery]



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