Daily Crime Blotter: Child-Porn Bust, Serial Killer In Colombia, A Cheese Emergency & More Crime News!

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Here are the crime headlines making news today, June 21, 2016 …

  • “I’m actually downloading a file right now.” That’s what a Maryland man, Steve Baker, said to the FBI when they confronted him under suspicion of child pornography. Baker is accused of possessing at least 50,000 images of prepubescent children, both at his workplace and his home — where his family used to run a daycare. [NBC Washington]

  •  Colombian man admits to having killed 20 people. Jaime Ivan Martinez Betancurt, 44, was being investigated for the murder of one woman, Maria Gladys Arango, when he admitted to not only her murder, but that of his wife, two children, and 16 other people. Human remains were found buried on his farm, which are being forensically tested. [BBC]
  • These are the LEGOs you’re looking for. Shannon Kirkley of New Jersey has confessed, after being caught in the act, of being a serial Star Wars LEGO thief. He was arrested in Florida for stealing $300 of Star Wars LEGO toys, and admitted to having done the same thing multiple times all over the country. He was charged with grand theft, resisting arrest, and possession of cocaine. [Fox25Boston]

    Pasco Sheriff's Office

    Shannon Kirkley’s mug shot. Photo: Pasco Sheriff’s Office

  • Facebook Live, er, Facebook Dead. Chicago man, Antonio Perkins, 28, was gunned down while utilizing the Facebook Live live-streaming feature. He was found with gunshot wounds to his neck and head. The video, in which the phone tumbles through bloody grass after someone opened fire, while people scream and cry, remains on Facebook, as the company says it does not violate company policy. [The Guardian]
  • Two women claim to have been stalked and harassed by Orlando shooter Omar Mateen. One unidentified woman claims he asked her out repeatedly and stalked her for three years, saying “you are gonna be mine.” Another woman, Heather LaSalla, had a similar story about him harassing her over Facebook, after which she had to block him. [Daily Mail]

  • Canadian woman calls 911 to report there isn’t enough cheese on her pizza. Maybe reasonable? The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary didn’t think so. Constable Geoff Higdon had to tell her to take up her complaint with the management of the company, and not the police. [Independent]
  • Gun shop owner fatally shot by a student during safety class. James Baker, 64, of Ohio, was killed in KayJay gun shop, where ten people were taking a concealed carry weapons permit class. The gun discharged through a wall and struck him in the neck. [HuffPo]



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