Denver Teen Confesses To Fatally Shooting His Ex-Girlfriend After She Dumped Him Before College

Ashley Doolittle Murdered By Boyfriend Tanner Flores

They looked like the perfect young couple, seen above in a photo taken at a high school dance. Ashley Doolittle and Tanner Flores, both 18 and recent high school graduates in Denver, Colorado, had been dating for a year. With college set to begin in the fall, they had their entire lives ahead of them; but Doolittle’s life was cut tragically short when, according to investigators, Flores fatally shot the teenager after she broke up with him.

Tanner Flores

Photo: Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

According to a police affidavit cited by the Denver Post, Flores has been charged with first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping after he admitted to shooting Doolittle two times in the head and then driving five hours away from the crime scene to dump her body.

On June 9, Doolittle’s mother called police to say not only that her daughter was missing, but that her car had been foun abandoned at a nearby reservoir. As investigators began working on the case, they learned that Doolittle had recently broken up with Flores, who was reportedly “upset and distraught” over the split. Flores, they then discovered, had gone missing as well, along with a Flores’s father’s gun.

The pieces of the case came together when a neighbor of Flores’s grandfather called police to say she saw a truck in the man’s driveway. According to the report, the witness told authorities that “she could see a male who she thought to be Tanner Flores outside of the house near the white truck parked in the driveway… She saw that the male had opened all the doors to the truck and pulled out what looked to be a bundled-up blanket from the back seat of the truck and set it on the ground.”

Flores, as well as Doolittle’s body, were found on June 10, and Flores subsequently confessed to killing his ex, according to investigators.

According to her obituary, Doolittle moved to the Colorado area from Kentucky and was planning to attend Colorado State University in the fall. She had a passion for horses and donated her time to the local 4-H club.

“Ashley had a smile that made everyone feel special,” the obituary read. “She truly reflected God’s love to all she came in contact with and she was an inspiration and role model to each person she encountered. She lived life to the fullest and lit up the world with her enthusiasm for life. Ashley will continue to live in the hearts of everyone that knew her,

Flores is currently being held without bail.

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