Missing 15-Year-Old Girl’s Rape, Murder Captured On Cell Phone Audio

Karen Perez

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly strangled to death by her teen boyfriend and investigators say her last breaths were all caught on tape. According to ABC 6, 15-year-old Karen Perez vanished before the Memorial Day weekend, promoting an extensive search to find the South Houston High School student. Fliers lined poles and streets throughout the area and her family was hoping someone would come forward with information.

The report said Perez’s boyfriend and his fathered was out looking for her as well, but at some point, the teen reportedly told his dad to take him home because Perez “wasn’t alive.” The teen’s father then called police.

From there, the police investigation zeroed in on the boyfriend, who has not been publicly identified because of his age, the report notes. When investigators seized his phone and other personal items, they reportedly not only found text messages that place Perez with the teen just prior to her death, but they also unearthed a disturbing video.

The report said the video is too dark to see any visuals, but Perez’s voice and a male’s voice, believed to be that of the boyfriend, can be clearly heard. Perez, whom the male voice refers to by name, is allegedly being forced into sex and then is reportedly choked to death. The last words she uttered, according to ABC 6, were, “I don’t want to die.”

The boyfriend has been arrested and charged with murder. Police also said they were able to secure surveillance video from a restaurant in the area showing Perez meeting the boy and another person. There were reportedly text messages on the phone from the boyfriend that told Perez she needed to skip school and meet him by the tennis courts. One message said he would not only kill her, but her life would “end on bloods,” if she didn’t come out to the courts, the report adds.

According to KHOU, the investigation lead authorities to an abandoned apartment complex where Perez’s body was found under a sink. The complex has been a troubled spot filled with illegal activity for years, the report adds.

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Photo: ABC 6

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