Wasted Oklahoma Mom Had Kids Blow Into Breathalyzer Device So She Could Drunk Drive, Cops Say

An Oklahoma woman reportedly had her two young daughters blow into an ignition-interlock breathalyzer device because she was too drunk to start her car.

Police claim that Kayla Kathleen Martin-Weliwita had her 13- and nine-year-old daughters activate the device in late May. The mom was caught in the parking lot of a Buffalo Wild Wings after cops received a call about a woman fighting with her daughter, according to Tulsa World. The New York Daily News also reports that the 36-year-old allegedly asked servers to blow into the device, a breathalyzer which prevents the car from operating if the driver isn’t sober.

Martin-Weliwita reportedly admitted to police that she had consumed one Smirnoff drink that night. Following interviews with her children and the restaurant’s manager, she was arrested and charged with public intoxication, child abuse, and child neglect. The children are in the stepfather’s custody while she is held on a $100,100 bond.

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Photo: Oswasso Police Department



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