Read More About The Terrifying Disappearances Of 6 Women In Small Town Ohio

6 missing women. A town in fear. It’s not over yet.

Before the June 6 premiere of The Vanishing Women on Investigation Discovery, get a copy of The Official Companion Guide. This exclusive magazine provides an in-depth look at the ongoing investigation of six dead and missing women in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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The small town mourns the loss of 20-year-old Shasta Himelrick, Image via Investigation Discovery

Along with profiles of the missing women and providing a timeline of the tragedy, the magazine examines harrowing tales of survival from Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard and more.


Investigation Discovery magazine presents The Vanishing Women: The Official Companion Guide. This 100-page, deluxe issue covers the terrifying true story of the dead and missing women in a small Ohio town and ties in to what will surely be Investigation Discovery’s event of the year. Also featuring tales of other women who have disappeared throughout history, this magazine is a must-have for any fan of true crime stories.

Watch the premiere of The Vanishing Women on Investigation Discovery on Monday, June 6 at 10/9c.

  • Guest

    The only “mystery” here is WHY ID did this series in the first place. There’s nothing “terrifying” about this, and the locals will tell you it’s all about drug abuse and whoring…….pure and simple.

    • Juliana

      So all these girls deserve to be murdered, right??? Big fan!

    • Laura

      This guy apparently is a Saint

  • Laura

    I wish someone would link this to the murdered women in Zanesville, Ohio! Why is this being ignored? Some storys! Anyone aware that they are currently digging up a front yard on Langdan Lane in Zanesville? Keeping it on the downlow. They think the man that died there had a body in his septic tank. But maybe not. But I bet these cases are linked. The guy is driving town to town!

    • Megan Greenway

      Do you have a link to an article about this?

    • TBRhine

      I actually don’t see much indication that the cases are connected. The earlier two Zanesville women were much older, one is thought to have died from an overdose and the other was shot. That sounds like victims of run-of-the-mill crime to me, rather than the work of a serial killer. The latest girl is much younger and didn’t disappear until 15-20 years later, granted, though she appears to have been obviously murdered (or at least disposed of), judging by where her body was found.

      I think it’s far more likely Santana Ivey’s death could be connected to these (one of the Chillicothe victims, Tiffany Sayre, was found stuffed into a culvert, and of course the Chillicothe murders took place much closer in time, if not space). But I’ve been watching the show and, frankly, there’s not much evidence connecting THOSE crimes so far,
      either, apart from geography and the fact that many of the women shared similar lifestyles.

      Even if the Ross County crimes ARE connected, I think it’s more likely the girls fell prey to some criminal element they crossed paths with in the course of their daily lives (whether related to drugs, prostitution, both, or neither) as opposed to a serial killer.

  • Deeza

    I agree with “Guest” that there’s nothing terrifying about this series. It’s actually pretty boring — a rarity for I.D. Too much family yapping and not enough investigation. I realize they’re trying to put a tender touch on the victims, say nice things about them, that they have families that miss them, etc., but they are what they are (or were). Put Kenda on the case. :-))

  • Roberta Molinero

    What about the swing girl and girls found dead in Portsmouth Ohio,same circumstances why only Chillicothe girls