Stanford Women’s Swim Team Was Creeped Out By Brock Turner And Not Surprised About His Rape Arrest, Claims Anonymous Source

Brock Turner Mugshot

Members of the Stanford University women’s swim team were anything but shocked when Brock Turner was arrested for sexual assault, according to an exclusive interview in InTouch Magazine.

“Brock’s arrest wasn’t surprising to anyone on the team,” the anonymous Stanford swimmer claims. “From the beginning, the women swimmers had found him to be very, very odd. Brock would make comments to the women such as ‘I can see your tits in that swimsuit.’” In addition to claiming she heard Turner make sexist, crude comments to fellow swimmers, the source also says that another teammate vowed never be alone with Turner after witnessing his drunken behavior at a party.

Brock Turner’s case, which had already garnered national headlines following his arrest, became the center of international scrutiny when he was sentenced to a mere six months after being convicted of three felony counts of sexual assault — a sentence which was cut in half for “good behavior” almost immediately after he began serving his time. In the days after the lenient sentence was delivered, CrimeFeed pointed out that Turner’s arresting mugshot still hadn’t been released, helping to encourage a sudden swell in criticism directed at the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department; they finally succumbed to pressure and released the mugshot to the media, 16 months after the 20-year-old was arrested for raping the victim behind a dumpster during a fraternity party.

InTouch’s source also told the magazine that after Turner’s arrest, as word of his crimes spread across the Ivy League campus, several women who felt victimized by him planned to send a letter to the judge detailing their negative experiences. However, the source claims the women’s swim team was “instructed to not discuss Brock Turner publicly or to the media.” She went on to emphasize that “the entire team completely supports the victim and wishes that Brock had gotten a much harsher sentence.”

Upon learning of the source’s allegations, Stanford’s Associate Vice President for University Communications Lisa Lapin released a statement, calling the In Touch story “absolutely false.” She continued:

“We have spoken to members of the women’s swim team and the allegations published by InTouch are completely false. Students may absolutely speak to anyone they wish, on any topic they wish. And at no time did Stanford University receive a complaint from a member of the women’s swim team about Brock Turner’s conduct.”

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