Watch Hero Mom And Cop Stop Attempted Abduction Of 13-Year-Old

Craig Bonello

Surveillance footage of an attempted abduction at a dollar store in Florida has gone viral, with the 30-second clip getting nearly three million views since the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office posted the clip on June 7.

The footage shows Craig Bonello, 30, attempting to abduct a young girl, but thanks to the quick thinking of the girl’s mom and an off-duty deputy, his efforts were thwarted. He’s since been charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of child abuse. The 13-year-old’s identity will not be released to protect her privacy as a minor. Deputies say no one was hurt during the incident, including Deputy John Behnen.

NBC News said Bonello has prior arrests for misdemeanors, but this appears to be his first alleged kidnapping attempt, and he is held with no bond. A motive is not clear.

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Photo: Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

  • Phoebe

    I can only see the mom doing all the work to get this douchebag to let go of her child, this guy is absolutely crazy, I hope they give him life without parole because thats exactly what he deserves.

    • Softballumpire

      that to nice this type of person needs a death sentence to do that in borad day light with customerm with mother right there and customer he harm anyone

      • Denise Rae Groce


    • theundead

      Off duty cop was outside when he let go of her

    • Judith

      I saw what looked like a “man” walk right pass them as she was trying to save her daughter. Not much of a man if he didn’t attempt to help.

  • Softballumpire

    where the off duty officer?

    • Judith

      He was just pulling into the store parking lot.

  • Denise Rae Groce


  • Jkamm421

    He will do how many months?? And just be more careful to not get caught next time. Should have threw a bag of pot in his pocket, he would get more time. POS.

    • Donna Harris

      Your right. lol

  • Donna Harris

    Authorities will need to dig deep. I bet that this is not this perverts 1st kidnapping attempt or molestation etc. I am thrilled to the heavens that this dirty monster was unable to pull this off.