Caught On Tape: Defendant Throws Poop In Ohio Courtroom After Being Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison

Photo: Clark County Court

An Ohio man sentenced to 40 years for robbery, as well as a slew of other charges, decided to throw his urine and feces in court after hearing the news.

“Did you just give me 40 years, sir?” Ricky Hand can be heard asking Judge Richard O’Neill after the harsh sentence was laid down. He uttered, “You just gave me 40 years. Well, guess what?” before reaching into an arm sling to retrieve pill bottles filled with the rancid mixture, according to WWLP.

Investigators say the liquids hit his lawyer and four deputies. Though courtroom officials were able to quickly restrain the 46-year-old, prosecutors say he is facing an additional four to six years for the outburst, WHIO reports. Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly claims Hand entered court with four pill bottles on him.

“If we would have followed our procedures and policies this would not have happened,” Kelly says. He explains that Hand should have been checked before entering the courtroom. In light of the incident, the Dayton Daily News reports the sheriff has launched a probe into the incident. Court records suggest that Hand talked about bringing poop into court, explaining why there were extra cops present on the day in question.

Looking at 52 years behind bars, the Springfield man was indicted on 30 charges, including robbery, breaking and entering, safe-cracking, and aggravated abduction. However, he ultimately pleaded guilty to seven of those charges, the New York Daily News reports. Kelly says Hand was upset because he believed he would serve 23 years under the deal.

“He was armed with a very serious weapon — feces are a weapon,” Kelly insisted. “But he could have also had a pencil or another device and very seriously injured an attorney.”

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Photo: Clark County Jail

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