Alleged “Kayak Killer” Angelika Graswald Denies Telling Police She Sabotaged Fiance’s Boat

Angelika Graswald [New York State Police]

By now you’ve probably heard of Angelika Graswald, or the “Kayak Killer,” as tabloid newspapers have started to call her, despite the fact that there has been no verdict in the case. Graswald is facing second-degree murder charges for the death of her fiance, Vincent Viafore, while the two were on a kayaking trip on the Hudson River in April.

While. Graswald claims that Viafore drowned when his kayak capsized in choppy waters, this week, at a pre-trial hearing, a police investigator testified that Graswald confessed to the crime.

Officer Donald DeQuarto claimed that Graswald said she felt “trapped” by the relationship, and yelled “I’m free” as authorities searched Bannerman Island for Viafore’s body.

DeQuarto claims she admitted to sabotaging her fiance’s kayak by removing the drain plug before they hit the water, and then taking away his paddle after he capsized, causing him to drown. DeQuarto testified that Graswald told him she was unhappy that Viafore would make her carry out sexual acts she didn’t want to engage in, and was upset that he had allegedly recently postponed their wedding.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has accused the 36-year-old of killing her soon-to-be husband for insurance money. Her alleged motive being that she was the primary beneficiary on two life insurance policies worth $250,000, The New York Times reported.

Unfortunately, DeQuarto claims he wasn’t recording Graswald’s alleged confession, and didn’t take any notes until 15 hours later.

After the alleged confession, Graswald was subjected to an 11-hour interrogation in which she repeatedly denied killing Viafore. Many hours in, however, Graswald reportedly told investigators, “I wanted him dead. And now he’s gone, and I’m okay with it.”

Graswald’s lawyer, Richard. A. Portle, accused investigators of “bullying” their client during interrogations and are aiming to have the interrogation video suppressed. Portale also claims authorities denied Graswald her Miranda rights during the 11-hour interrogation. “What’s Miranda? Who’s Miranda?” Graswald can allegedly be heard saying on the tape. In addition, two hours into her interrogation, Graswald allegedly told investigators she was bleeding and suffering a miscarriage — a fact DeQuarto confirmed in court.

Graswald’s lawyer claims she was overcome with grief and sadness in the aftermath of her fiancé’s death and the alleged miscarriage. But prosecutors argue that Graswald appeared to celebrate Viafore’s death. ABC reported that she told police she felt “euphoric” to see Viafore stranded in the water.

“I still do,” she said.

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Photo: New York State Police

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