Middle School Basketball Coach Arrested for Child Molestation — Had to Check Boy’s “Penis Line,” and More Crime News!

Javier Cuenca

Here are the stories making headlines today, July 20, 2016 …

  • Former middle school teacher and basketball coach arrested in South Florida for child molestation and allegedly giving young boys performance-enhancing drugs. The lewd and lascivious molestation charge isn’t the first for Javier Cuenca – he was originally arrested in 2014 on similar charges. Cuenca allegedly said that he helped other members on the basketball team by giving them performance-enhancing drugs, and offered to do the same for the victim, but that he first needed to check the boy’s penis, which he called a “penis line,” to see if he was ready to take steroids. [Local 10]
  • A three-year-old in North Carolina was rescued after police say she was trapped in a hot car with both of her parents passed out in the front seat. It’s believed that the mother and the father were on heroin and arrested. Although the windows were down and the car was on, the air conditioning was not working and the child was found reportedly soaked in sweat. [Fox 32]
Jessie Lee Hastings, 27, and her husband, David Wayne Hastings, 31

Jessie Lee Hastings, 27, and her husband, David Wayne Hastings, 31 [Photo: Salisbury Police Department]

  • A Los Angeles woman is facing charges of suspicion of vehicular manslaughter after investigators believe she drove while intoxicated and caused the death of a young passenger. Erica Lynn Naranjo, 36, is accused of driving drunk with four kids in the car, none of whom were wearing seat belts, when she allegedly crashed the vehicle into a home. The children inside were between the ages of 18 months and 7 years, and the eldest child did not survive the crash. [LA Times]
  • Tom Sizemore arrested on suspicion of domestic violence – again. Police said they took the actor into custody after receiving a report of cohabitant abuse on Tuesday. Sizemore has had his fair share of run-ins with the law since 2006, including drug arrests and other charges of domestic battery. Just this month, he accidentally ran over a stuntman on the set of a new television show called Shooter. [LA Times]
  • New York City man arrested after hiding a camera inside a Forever 21 dressing room so he could film a female shopper. The victim said she not only spotted the device, which was allegedly hidden inside a shoe, but she confronted the suspect, Tommy Chan, and chased him out of the store, where he was caught and arrested. [NY Daily News]
  • Three hot rods caught on camera doing doughnuts on California’s Bay Bridge, drivers promptly arrested. Reports say two Ford Mustangs and one black Camaro not only blocked traffic, but even did doughnuts in the middle of the bridge. Witnesses recorded the incident and police were waiting to arrest the drivers when they finally stopped their tomfoolery.  [LA Times]
Photo: California Highway Patrol

Photo: California Highway Patrol

Lamberty Sabriel [Photo: Department of Corrections and Community Supervision]

Lamberty Sabriel [Photo: Department of Corrections and Community Supervision]

  • A New Jersey man who was recently released from prison is now facing charges that he groped a woman’s butt and took a photo up her skirt. Lamberty Sabriel, 33, was only released from state prison, Bare Hills Correctional Facility, two weeks ago, after serving three months on a parole violation. Maybe he missed the food and wanted to go back? [DNA Info]

Main Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections