Alleged Robber Entered a Texas Waffle House Wielding an AK-47, Shot By Vigilante Customer

A representative Waffle House. Photo: Scott via Wikimedia Commons

A suspected armed robber is in critical condition after he was reportedly shot by a customer at a Texas Waffle House.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Antoine Devon Cooper entered the Waffle House in DeSoto at 2:30 a.m. wielding an AK-47. After he allegedly took cash from the business and patrons, an armed customer followed him to the parking lot. Worried about his wife, who was walking into the restaurant, the customer called out to Cooper, aimed his pistol, and shot the assailant.

Antoine Devon Cooper. Photo: DeSoto Police Department

A photo of Cooper’s tattoos released by the DeSoto Police Department

The vigilante was a licensed handgun owner and is not expected to face any charges, according to the New York Daily NewsCooper was shot several times and is on life support as of Monday. The suspect was originally unidentified; police publicized the tattoos the suspect has on his arms, legs, forehead to ask the public’s help in identifying him.

Photo: DeSoto Police Department

A tattoo photo released by the DeSoto Police Department

The incident will be referred to a grand jury. Although, it’s important to remember, as quoted in the New York Daily News, that “Texas law permits the use of deadly force if a person believes their life, or the lives of others, are in danger or could face serious bodily injury or unlawfully entered a occupied habitation, vehicle, place of business or employment.”

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Main Photo: A representative Waffle House. [Photo: Scott via Wikimedia Commons]



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