Bank Robbers With Flair — 10 Times Recent Holdups Got Creative!

Bank robberies

Though bank robberies don’t always get national attention, they happen surprisingly often. And criminals are getting more and more creative in how they carry out their stickups. From werewolf masks to big floppy hats, here are a few recent bank robberies that are anything but average.

NYC Bank Robbery Carried Out By Man In Ball Gown, Heels

On Wednesday, investigators said they were looking for a man who robbed a Staten Island bank while wearing formal attire. FOX News reports that the suspect stuck up Santander Bank with a silver gun — to match his black-and-silver dress, sunglasses, hat, and heels. Footage from a nearby store shows the man ditching the attire, wearing less inspiring Nikes and shorts underneath.

Werewolf Man Robs Illinois Bank At Gunpoint

A man reportedly entered Fifth Third Bank in Dekalb, Illinois, armed and wearing a werewolf mask. According to NBC Chicago, the suspect entered the bank at 4:11 P.M. and was wearing light pants, a red hat, and a dark blue long-sleeve shirt. Despite his disguise, the FBI were able to describe him as a Black male who is around six feet tall.

FBI Still Seeking ‘Dreaded Bandit’

Responsible for four Bay Area bank robberies, the FBI announced this week they are upping the reward to $10,000 for the capture of the “Dreaded Bandit.” Officials say the slender, six-foot man wears makeup, a wig, an oversize brown jacket, and a fake beard to disguise himself during the heists. During the most recent robbery at San Francisco’s Comerica Bank, the Bandit is shown jumping a counter and taking cash from a vault, SFGate reports. Investigators are looking into whether he is linked to any other robberies.

Rapper Who Allegedly Robbed Mississippi Bank Made Video Critical Of Cops

A Gulfport man and up-and-coming rapper was reportedly arrested after robbing a bank Wednesday morning.  Byron Michael Fairley is accused of sticking up BancorpSouth with a BB gun at 9:21 A.M. “An officer said someone that met Fairley’s description was seen running into the woods west of Harris Drive, so I exited my vehicle and I walked behind one of the residences and held my position because I could hear him,” Gulfport police Sergeant Damon McDaniel told the Sun Herald. Cops were well aware of Fairley; the rapper-gone-robber produced an anti-cop rap video in front of police headquarters earlier this month.

Three Pennsylvania Banks Struck By Cross-Dressing Man

Photo courtesy York Area Regional Police

On Thursday, another York-area bank was struck by a man disguised in women’s clothing. According to the York Dispatch, cops say the thin man donning a colorful dress and orange wig entered M&T Bank at 9:40 A.M. Though the suspect left with money, he reportedly didn’t brandish a weapon and never alluded to having one. York Area Regional Police said they believe the man was involved in two other bank robberies since last fall. He also wore women’s clothing during these heists. However, authorities claimed that the clothing acted as a disguise and wasn’t a lifestyle choice.

NYPD: “Mad Hatter” Still on the Run

The NYPD has been tasked with capturing the “Mad Hatter,” a man who wears varying clothes during each crime. Responsible for eight Manhattan bank robberies, PIX 11 reports he nabbed $7,400 on July 18 while wearing sunglasses. Investigators haven’t been able to get prints because he wears gloves. During previous robberies, he variously wore a baseball cap, fedora, and a bike helmet. “He’s somebody’s son; he’s a brother or friend of someone. A neighbor,” said Lieutenant John Rogan, Executive Officer of the Major Case Squad. Detectives describe him as a five foot six white male between 25 and 35 years old, with a reddish-brown beard.

California Woman Takes Down Suspected Bank Robber

bank robber

Photo: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

A woman and other bystanders worked together to apprehend a man who reportedly robbed a Mckinleyville bank. Dressed in a black, hooded sweatshirt and black face mask, John Walter Wilson was allegedly seen fleeing Tri-Counties Bank. According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release, a female citizen chased the 58-year-old. Though the woman was assaulted, bystanders restrained the man until police came. Wilson was later charged with wearing the mask during the commission of a crime, robbery, criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault and battery.

Woman Sticks Up an Ohio Bank While Wearing Glamorous Hat

A woman dressed in a large hat reportedly boosted a bag full of money from Citizens Bank at State in South Russell. According to WKYC, the bank robbery was the first in the town’s history. Officials claimed the woman passed the teller a note and said she had two men in the car with guns. However, witnesses said they saw no suspicious men outside. “I’ve been here twenty years we’ve never had anything close to this,” South Russell Police Chief Michael Rizzo said. “It’s unfortunate, but again, it’s the way the world is today.”

Butcher Knife–Wielding Woman Robs Michigan Bank

A 58-year-old Michigan woman used an unconventional weapon to rob Harper Woods Citizens Bank. At first, the teller didn’t take the suspect seriously and hesitated. That is, until she reportedly pointed the butcher knife at the sole patron, WJPK reports. “He kind of irritated her when he didn’t give her the money,” witness Renee Butler said. “So when she did that, she ran after me with the knife and chased me around the bank.”  However, Butler kept her at bay by using posters located throughout the store. The teller ultimately gave her cash to get her out of the bank.

Robbers With Chainsaws, Sledgehammers Raid English Bank

Six people rammed the front of Lloyds Bank in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, then tried to cut open the door using chainsaws and sledgehammers.No one was injured during the attempted Friday morning heist. According to the Daily Mail, after leaving empty-handed, the third robber torched their getaway car before the group fled on foot. “This was a brazen robbery conducted in broad daylight on one of the main streets running through Cheadle,” Inspector David Fulton said. “It has left staff members completely terrified when they were just starting work for the day and it is fortunate that nobody was harmed.”

Main photos: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office // FBI // York Area Regional Police // Dekalb Police Department




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