Missing New York Woman Knocks On Her Mother’s Door, Says She Was Held Captive For 2 Weeks

Rachael Mattice

CrimeFeed recently told you about a missing woman from New York named Rachael Mattice, who vanished from her family’s campground on June 22. Today, we bring good news: the 24-year-old woman from Johnstown, NY, has been found alive, but she says she was kidnapped and held against her will for the last two weeks.

Mattice’s case sparked massive support from her community and gained national attention after her family called on country music legend Shania Twain to help with finding her. Twain is Mattice’s idol.

According to News 10, Mattice knocked on her mother’s front door very early Wednesday morning. She wasn’t injured, but she couldn’t say where she had been held. Investigators say they are looking into the bizarre case and attempting to put the pieces together.

Prior to her disappearance on June 22, Mattice had dinner at her parents’ house before she returned to the campground where she was staying. Reports say 48 hours later, when someone went to check on Mattice, she was nowhere to be found. The door to the camper she was staying in was open and her personal belongings, including her phone, were inside.

According to News 10, after being treated at the hospital, Mattice and her family spent a number of hours at the state police barracks in New York, likely giving a statement about her experience and anything she might know about the alleged kidnapper.

WNYT say Mattice is frail and has lost a lot of weight over the last couple of weeks.

“At this point, when we have more information, we’ll be able to pass that along,” said Hamilton County Sheriff Karl Abrams. “We’re still working on that. Miss Mattice needed to get some rest, and we’re going to be working with her further.”

To date more than 300 tips have poured in from members of the community. More information is expected to be released by the end of this week, but authorities say they believe the public is safe.

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