North Carolina Couple Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Each Other With Pizza Rolls

Brad Scott Beard

A North Carolina couple landed themselves behind bars for reportedly battering each other with … pizza rolls?

WJZY reports that Brad Scott Beard (pictured right), 24, and Samantha Brooke Canipe (pictured left), 21, got into an altercation in their Gastonia apartment at approximately 1 a.m. on July 4. Though the cause of the fight is unclear, police claim the couple threw pizza rolls at one another. It’s unclear what brand of pizza rolls were used, but here’s a stock photo to give you an idea of the weaponry involved in this case:

Stock image of pizza rolls. [Photo: Pixabay]

Stock image of pizza rolls. [Photo: Pixabay]

Beard is charged with assault on a female while Canipe is charged with simple assault, according to the Gatson Gazette. Both misdemeanors, he faces 60 days in jail if convicted, while she could spend 30 days behind bars.

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Photo: Gaston County Sheriff’s Office



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