NYPD Searches For Kayaker Thought to Be Missing, He Just Wanted “Real Brooklyn Pizza”

Photo: Hungry Dudes via Wikimedia Commons

Authorities in New York were on the hunt for a kayaker whom they thought had vanished. According to DNA Info, Tyler Jordan, 40, had made the trip to New York from his home in Virginia Beach with the goal of kayaking the 38 miles around the city.

Not far into the rowing trip, Jordan decided to stop for a break, and more importantly — to try a slice of “delicious,” famous Brooklyn pizza. After parking his kayak near the shore of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jordan ventured to Front Street Pizza to eat. Instead of returning to the water right after he ate, Jordan said he decided to do some touristy things, like take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and then pay his respects to the 9/11 Memorial. He was only away for about 75 minutes, and was on his way back over the bridge, when he noticed a “gaggle” of police activity near his kayak, the report notes.

Jordan said the attention concerned him and he took off running, thinking in the back of his mind maybe someone had tried to take his boat and flipped it. By the time Jordan ran down to meet police – he quickly realized all of the law enforcement activity, well, was for him.

There weren’t just cops on the scene, but the report said the New York City Fire Department and members from the Parks Department were there, too. It was a “massive manhunt” of about 30 officers with boats and ambulances, as Jordan had been reported missing.

Wanting to help, Jordan tapped one of the officers on the shoulder and asked, “So, is this about a kayaker?” Soon enough, the dots began to connect and authorities realized Jordan was perfectly safe.

The NYPD told Jordan that about a dozen people called in reports to them about a missing kayaker. He justified his disappearance with the excuse “I hadn’t had a good slice in a long time,” and explained, “I was in Brooklyn getting some real Brooklyn pizza, and can you blame me?” 

“And they said no,” Jordan reported.

Jordan said he was initially nervous, but now he can laugh. He finished the day kayaking the rest of the 12 and a half hours around the city, and as far as we know, made it without further incident.

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Main photo: Delicious New York pizza. [Photo: Hungry Dudes via Wikimedia Commons]



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