Prosecutor’s Son Sentenced to Life in Prison for Helping to Run Dark Web Child Pornography Site

Jason Gmoser

A man in Ohio has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in what’s been described as a sophisticated worldwide child pornography ring.

According to WLWT, 36-year-old Jason Gmoser, the son of Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser, was convicted in February on charges of engaging in a child-exploitation enterprise, conspiracy to advertise child pornography and conspiracy to distribute child pornography. Gmoser is one of five people to be charged in connection to the site; the other four men involved in this enterprise have accepted plea deals.

I don’t believe there’s any chance he’s going to change,” U.S. District Court Judge Colin Bruce said upon sentencing Gmoser to life in prison.

The News Gazette reports Gmoser contributed at least 2,000 posts to a Dark Web site called The Love Zone or TLZ, and was not only a member, but also a co-administrator. The content has been described as gruesome, violent, and torturous in nature; the site reportedly could not even be accessed with a regular computer browser and required specific equipment.

The site’s reported 30,000 members were required to post new and unique material once a month, and the site had over 300,000 postings featuring child pornography. According to, Gmoser’s specific role as a moderator was to reprimand users for posting duplicate images and grant certain members VIP access to different areas of the site. Prosecutors described The Love Zone as a “highly sophisticated global enterprise,” before it was taken down in October 2014.

Mike Gmoser told WLWT that his adopted son – whom he and his wife adopted when he was only seven months old – has an “attachment disorder.” The prosecutor said they were warned Jason could suffer from some psychological issues, but they were committed to raising their child; at one point, reports, they even sought treatment for Jason’s issues. The parents said they hoped Jason would grow out of his problems and thought they saw improvement in his behavior, but now realize the full extent of his crimes.

If you know of someone involved in the exploitation of children or child pornography, please contact the national cyber tip line directly.

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Photo: Butler County Sheriff’s Office

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