Suspected Russian Cannibal Admits to Grisly Double Murder, Boiled Severed Heads on Stove

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A 64-year-old Russian man has been jailed after telling authorities that he killed a married couple and then dismembered their bodies in something straight out of a horror movie. According to reports, the unnamed man told police that he got into an argument with his St. Petersburg flatmates/neighbors, a 47-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman who he called “alcoholics,” over their frequent partying. His anger turned to action when he reportedly made a silencer for his gun and used that weapon to shoot both of them. He stated that he then used a saw to dismember their bodies. He claimed that he boiled their severed heads and some of the other body parts in a large pan on the gas stove, and tried to flush some of the pieces down the toilet in an attempt to clean up the crime scene. Some reports indicate that the grisly murders were a reflection of the man’s love of gory movies.



The whole thing was discovered when the body parts he’d flushed down the toilet clogged up the sewage system for the entire Soviet-era apartment building. The plumber who had been called out to investigate discovered a number of the body parts causing the clog. Alarmed, the plumber called authorities. The investigation led them to the 64-year-old resident, who admitted to the double murder. He is also being investigated for suspected cannibalism after the boiling of the body parts.

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