14-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Killing Her Allegedly Abusive Father & More Crime News!

Bresha Meadows

Here are the crime stories making headlines today, August 10, 2016 …

  • Fourteen-year-old girl accused of killing her allegedly abusive father. On July 28, police say, Bresha Meadows (above) shot her father in the head. Family members have rushed to her defense, saying the teen “feared for her life.” For years, they allege, 41-year-old Jonathan Meadows verbally and physically abused Bresha’s mother Brandi Meadows and threatened to kill the whole family. “The kids witnessed their father’s drinking and drug use lead to escalated beatings that would, at times, end with their mother being unconscious,” Bresha’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said. The teen has been charged with aggravated murder and entered a not guilty plea, and her attorney and family members are hopeful that the prosecution will come to understand why Bresha went to such measures. [Huffington Post]

  • Department of Justice investigation into the Baltimore Police Department finds a pattern of racist, unconstitutional conduct. The incredibly damning report – which was prompted by Freddie Gray’s death in police custody – found that BPD regularly conducted unlawful stops and used excessive force on residents of the city, particularly in predominantly Black neighborhoods. The report “reveals a widespread pattern of BPD officers stopping and detaining people on Baltimore streets without reasonable suspicion that they are involved in criminal activity. This conduct violates the fourth amendment.” It concluded that “BPD’s systemic constitutional and statutory violations are rooted in structural failures.” [Baltimore Sun]
Jeffrey Carl Giddings

[Photo: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office]

  • Man with white-supremacist facial tattoos gets pulled over for traffic violation, shoots a cop, and takes a hostage at Subway sandwich shop. Forty-five-year-old Jeffrey Carl Giddings (right), who has “Aryan Pride” inked on his forehead (and Donald Duck on his neck?), also had an active arrest warrant for heroin possession. He took a female hostage inside a Subway, and when he refused to negotiate with the SWAT team, they fired two nonfatal shots before taking him into custody. [Daily Mail]

  • Four people and a dog stabbed during home invasion in Chicago suburb. According to police, two masked men broke into the Buffalo Grove home shortly after midnight on Wednesday, stabbing four people and a German Shepherd with a hunting knife. The homeowner managed to grab his gun and fired, which made the intruders flee. All four people who were stabbed were hospitalized, and three have since been released. The homeowner is still under a doctor’s care, but his injuries are not life-threatening. The dog was also treated and will survive. Three people of interest have been taken in for questioning, but no charges have been filed. [CBS Chicago]
  • Woman abducted from Pennsylvania hospital at gunpoint, still missing. According to Cornwall police, 18-year-old Elliott N. Ravert showed up to Philhaven Hospital demanding to see Alicia Buzzard and threatening to shoot two nurses if they didn’t let him into the locked unit where Buzzard was a patient. Ravert then fled the scene with Buzzard in a green 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck. It’s unclear if Buzzard went with Ravert willingly, though police acknowledged that they had at one point been in a relationship. They are still at-large. [ABC 27]

  • Two people shot and killed in possible murder-suicide in Miami International Airport parking lot. A witness told detectives that he heard people arguing just before 6 A.M. and then heard multiple gunshots. The victims have not been identified, but they are described as being white males, one in his fifties or sixties, and the other in his forties. [Local 10]
  • Washington man attempts to rid home of cockroaches with … flamethrower? The Castonia man was arrested for nearly starting a fire with his dangerous DIY cockroach remedy. It’s unclear if his plan worked, however. [Oregon Live]

Photo: Fox 8



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