14-Year-Old Girl, Self-Proclaimed Psychopath, Allegedly Slit Teen’s Throat — Wanted Her “First Kill”

Kali Bookey

A Wisconsin teen is facing first-degree attempted murder charges for reportedly suffocating, battering, and slitting the throat of her brother’s girlfriend.

The Leader-Telegram reports that 14-year-old Kali J. Bookey — a self-proclaimed “psychopath” — carried out the assault on 15-year-old Halle because she wanted to experience her “first kill.”

The victim is reportedly recovering from “serious injuries”  stemming from the attack which lasted several hours. According to the Daily Mail, Halle claimed Bookey tried to suffocate her and cut her with shards from a broken bowl. Bookey allegedly gave Halle the option to “bleed out” or “die right now” (Halle chose the former), and also reportedly told her that she planned the attack for a week-and-a-half. According to Halle, Bookey revealed that she is “psychopath” that will probably “kill again.”

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Bookey told police a different story, originally claiming that she directed two would-be attackers to the 15-year-old’s home. However, she later recanted and said she was driven to hurt Halle because she hated how happy she made her brother.

The teen was charged as an adult. According to Scallywag & Vagabond, minors over the age of 10 charged with first-degree homicide or attempted first-degree homicide can be tried as adults. (A Wisconsin court also recently decided that the two teens accused in the Slender Man stabbing should be tried as adults.)

Scheduled for a preliminary hearing on August 8, the 14-year-old is being held without bond at Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Eau Claire.

Halle was seriously injured Photo: Facebook

Halle was reportedly seriously injured when Kali J. Bookey suffocated, battered, and cut her with shards from a broken bowl. Photo: GoFundMe

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  • ImOpining

    It’s a shame that Wisconsin no longer has the death penalty.

  • James Bryant

    Its a shame that death penalty is the first thought that pops in peoples heads. We’re supposed to be better than the phsycopaths. Maybe take responsibility for teaching children right from wrong.

    • So kill her because she tried to kill someone else? No, that’s not right.

      To Halle’s family, I am so so sorry for everything. Halle will be okay. I pray for her. In tears.

      • James Bryant

        You cant fail to teach children and then blame them for not being raised properly. She needs help, not to be murdered. This country is becoming a police state. where all crimes will result in execution.

  • DaniC

    I wonder if Halle will break up with the boyfriend after all of this?