Florida Couple Allegedly Beat Up Grandma Because She Wouldn’t Take Them To Have Sex

Michael Rubio and Jacquelyn Carrasquillo

A man and his girlfriend are facing charges of battery after police say they beat up the man’s grandmother over her refusal to drop them off to have sex.

According to Local 10 in Miami, Michael Rubio, 25, and his girlfriend Jacquelyn Carrasquillo, 27, were passengers in Rubio’s grandmother’s car when the argument broke out. Rubio and Carrasquillo wanted to be dropped off at Carrasquillo’s home so they could have sex, but his grandma refused to make the detour.

According to a police report, instead, the grandma stopped the car on a random block and got out of the vehicle to walk. That’s when Carrasquillo and Rubio allegedly attacked her, hitting the older woman “multiple times” and throwing her to the ground. The victim suffered lacerations to her face.

The grandmother took off running towards her home, while the couple reportedly jumped into her vehicle and drove off. It’s not clear if the grandma called police or if someone else did, but reports say the couple was arrested after fleeing the scene. No word on whether they managed to squeeze in a quickie before being hauled to the pokey.

Both Rubio and Carrasquillo are charged with battery to a person 65 or older, the New York Daily News reports. The couple is currently behind bars.

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