John Gotti, Grandson Of Gambino Crime Boss, Arrested And More Crime News!

John Gotti arrested for narcotics charges. Photo: NBC

These are the crime stories making headlines today, August 5, 2016 …

  • New York City Police have arrested 23-year-old John Gotti, along with six others, for narcotics charges. Gotti, above, is the grandson of the infamous late “Teflon Don,” the boss of the Gambino crime family, also named John Gotti. Among the defendants include Gotti’s girlfriend. The takedown, called “Operation Beach Party,” was at the home where the late Gambino crime boss lived. The charge is distribution of oxycodone and other prescription pills.
  • Two women claim they were sexually assaulted in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic village, and now a Moroccan boxer is under arrest. The report said a Brazilian judge is ordering 22-year-old Hassan Saada to be held for 15 days pending an investigation into the alleged assaults. Saad was supposed to participate in his first light-heavyweight category this weekend. [BBC]
  • A woman who was traveling with a male friend on an cross-country, overnight Virgin America flight said a stranger sexually assaulted her. The woman claims she woke up to the man next to her allegedly massaging her genitals with his hand and rubbing his bare feet against hers. She traded seats with her friend to get away from the man, and notified staff. The suspect, identified as Veerabhadrarao Kunam, reportedly then asked the victim and her friend if he could buy them drinks, according to a complaint obtained by The Washington Post from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. [Washington Post]

    • CAUGHT ON TAPE: Three gunmen storm into a Houston market firing shots into the air. Clerk Noor Kadiwala said, “The guy with the assault rifle…. (his) bullet went inside the ground. I was lying (nearby). It was six inches from my body. It was scary. I actually thought I might die today.” The terrifying moments were all caught on tape. Cops are asking for your help identifying the suspects who were driven by a white woman in a green Mitsubishi SUV. If you know anything, please call: 713-222-TIPS. [Click 2 Houston]
    • Phoenix: Another attack, making nine shootings total. Police in Phoenix say they are working their first, official serial killer case in the city in a decade. The most recent confirmed attack occurred on July 11. The report said a 21-year-old and his 4-year-old were targeted, but both were not injured. To date, seven people have been killed and two others wounded. [CBS]
    • Freddie Wadsworth, 65, is accused of allegedly having sex with a goat. A report obtained from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said two witnesses spotted Wadsworth allegedly engaging in sexual activity with the “white in color female goat” last Friday. Sergeant Ashley Henson said a neighbor called to say, “a male was having intercourse with a goat.” He’s facing a bestiality charge. [Smoking Gun]

      Freddie Wadsworth's mug shot. Photo: Paulding County Sheriff's Office.

      Freddie Wadsworth’s mug shot. Photo: Paulding County Sheriff’s Office.

    • A woman in Wyoming robbed a bank so she could go BACK to prison. Linda Thompson told a judge prison life is like home. In fact, once the back robbery occurred, Thompson didn’t even want the cash! She reportedly threw it up in the air for strangers to collect. [CBS]
    • A groundhog in Troy, New York, was intentionally killed, and a police chief is trying to figure out if two of his officers were involved. Eyewitnesses said they spotted the two cops in a golf cart, allegedly chasing down a groundhog until it couldn’t run anymore, and then driving over it on purpose. The incident occurred during the Rensselaer Police Department Union golf tournament. The chief said if his department finds his officers were responsible for the death, he will recommend they be fired. No one has been charged yet in the deadly incident. [News 10]



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