A Mom’s Worst Nightmare: Found Bedroom Of Her Twin Daughters On Internet Livestream Site

Screenshot from ABC News video.

A Houston mother, identified only as Jennifer, was horrified to discover that the webcam in the bedroom of her two daughters was somehow broadcasting to the internet. It seems her security system was hacked, and had been sharing their private lives online since about July 27.

ABC News says the mom made this discovery when another mom, Shelby Ivie, thousands of miles away in Oregon, posted a screen shot of the bedroom to a Houston mother’s Facebook group.

Ivie told ABC she was looking at satellite pictures of Earth with her son when an icon popped up offering a free Live Camera Viewer. Ivie downloaded it, and was shocked at what she found.

The pictures from inside Jennifer’s house were labeled “Houston,” so Ivie did what she could think of to track down the family. She not only shared it on Facebook, but also alerted news outlets to share the photos of what she’d found. Ivie said she was desperate to find the family to help protect them.

Jennifer in her daughters's bedroom. [ABC News]

Jennifer in her daughters’s bedroom. [ABC News]

Ivie told ABC News, “I was in tears, thinking of the violation [Jennifer] must feel.”

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Jennifer told ABC she was trying to figure out how this happened, and from what she was told by experts, the hackers found the family’s IP address from one of the children’s iPads. The predators were able to access the modem and their DVR system, which was connected to cameras all over the house, the report adds. One day, Jennifer recounts, her daughters were playing a computer game and wanted to connect with friends. There was a prompt, according to the report, that asked her daughter for the family’s server name. Instead, her child found an unprotected server online and used that.

Jennifer told ABC, “From what I understand, there’s tons of unprotected servers out there these kids are going on and basically people are waiting for them.” As a result, based on the “likes” on the site, at least 571 people were watching the live stream faithfully, and most likely more, Jennifer adds.

At this point, Jennifer’s not taking any more chances and has decided on no more internet for her kids. Although she said she feels like she failed her children because so many could watch them eat, sleep, play, and much more, she’s grateful to Ivie.

Jennifer says although they live 2,000 miles away, they will remain friends; she credits Ivie with basically saving their lives. She urges other parents to be extremely careful when it comes to the internet and their children.

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  • FDAD

    So its her fault for not protecting the LAN structure and she forbids the kids… ok.

  • dammitall23

    Why does she have cameras all over her house?

    • Sway

      She doesn’t want her family to get gaped.

  • ReliableMoth

    I don’t understand how people still are not aware this can happen, and happen easily. There’s been so many stories like this. And I really, really don’t understand how tech wavy parents are so clueless about this being a possibility.

  • averageshmoe

    How does a security camera in the children’s bedroom keep them safe? Too much worrying by the parents in my view.

  • Queef Sniffer

    Some dude was beating his meat to those videos

  • Phoebe

    Why are there camera’s in the children’s bedroom?? Should’ve made her net connection password protected and other crap you can do to make it safe for use of the family only. I wonder what the other woman wanted by downloading a live camera viewer, why could that be useful? But anyway.. Err why put camera’s in your kids bedroom like.. What?

  • Joshua Thirteen

    instead of turning off the internet she just needed to pull the cameras and teach the kids a few rules abut never giving information to strangers in the internet. she can restrict what apps and other things they can do using the ipads built in parental controls. no need for the nuclear option.