Naked Man Reportedly Stashes 7 Grams Of Cocaine In Surprising Place

Joshua Hare

Cops who found a naked man in a Swindon, U.K., parking lot discovered he was hiding a surprise — secreted in his foreskin: seven grams of cocaine.

Joshua Hare was reportedly naked and yelling in the parking lot at 8:30 A.M. The Salisbury Journal reports the 24-year-old struggled with police before he was transported to a nearby hospital.

Hare, who is allegedly homeless, was in police custody when the baggie emerged from its hiding place. The baggie was later determined to contain 7.2 grams of cocaine. Though it is nothing to sneeze at, CrimeFeed explained in April how smuggling large amounts of drugs in the body’s various hidey-holes is possible.

Nick Redhead, who is representing Hare, explained that his client has dealt with alcohol and drug abuse issues, and that Hare’s mental health is being evaluated.

“He fell into a coma and thought he was going to die,” Redhead said. “He is a high risk of killing himself if he continues to misuse alcohol. He has managed to stay away from alcohol pretty much.”

The Journal also reports that Hare received a suspended sentence in May for taking a vehicle without consent. This newest brush with the law meant he breached the sentence, leaving the magistrate no other choice but to jail him for 12 weeks and fine him £115 ($153).

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Photo: Swindon Magistrates Courts



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