Man Deemed “Substantial Risk To The Public” Charged With Murdering Lebanese Man After Years Of Harassment

Stanley Vernon Majors has had a long string of conflicts with his Lebanese neighbors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but this time, it’s ended in murder charges. Majors already had a police record that included a California conviction for assault with a deadly weapon from when he was arrested last September on charges that he used his car to attack 65-year-old Haifa Jabara and then fled the scene. More on this later …

The timeline of this alleged repeat terrorizing of the Jabaras begins in November 2013, when Haifa Jabara took out a restraining order against Majors after he had harassed her and her family, knocked on the windows of her family’s home, and made sexual and racist comments toward her and her family. According to reports, she described his repeated comments as “very racist toward foreigners and blacks.” The 2013 protective order prohibited Majors from going within 300 yards of both Haifa Jabara and the Jabara home in south Tulsa. There are conflicting reports that Majors was also given a five-year prohibition on possession of firearms. In apparent retaliation, Majors took out his own restraining order against Khalid Jabara, alleging blackmail, harassment, and vandalism. In that instance, Khalid Jabara was ordered to have no contact with Majors.

In March 2015, Majors violated the protective order. Haifa Jabara told police that Majors stood in her driveway, beer in hand, yelling racist slurs, and threatening her life. When police tried to arrest him, they reportedly asked him to put down the beer and Majors chugged it instead. Majors was arrested, charged with violating the protective order as well as obstructing an officer. Majors was released on approximately $6,000 bond and went back to his home next door to the Jabaras. At one point later in the spring, Majors took Khalid Jabara to small claims court, alleging that Jabara had caused damage to carpet and furniture owned by Majors. To nobody’s surprise, the judge dismissed that case just a few weeks after it was filed. When Majors did not appear for his court date that September, the judge issued a warrant for his arrest and raised the bond to $18,000.

The very next day, Majors was arrested for the vehicular attack on Haifa Jabara. He allegedly hit her with his car and fled the scene. While Haifa Jabara was in the intensive-care unit suffering from multiple broken bones, a collapsed lung, and head trauma, Majors was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of a crime, public intoxication, and violating the protective order. Majors was initially held without bond on the assault charge alone, but after spending eight months behind bars, the district judge decided to grant him that bond. Citing the evidence that Majors obviously posed a danger to the public, the prosecutor requested that if he was going to get bond, it should at least be raised to $300,000 considering the nature of the crime. The judge ruled in the prosecutor’s favor, but Majors was able to post bond and was released in May 2016.

However, Majors was not done terrorizing the Jabara family. According to police, on Friday, August 12, Khalid Jabara called police at 5:00 P.M. to report suspicious activity on the property. Specifically, he reportedly told them that Majors was knocking on the windows of the family’s home. Police finally arrived at the home at 6:30 P.M. According to reports, they quickly left at 6:40 P.M., saying they couldn’t find any criminal activity taking place. Khalid Jabara was shot and killed on the front porch of the family’s home at 6:48 P.M. Majors was arrested after police found him hiding behind a tree at a local library. Majors is now in the custody of the Tulsa Jail, charged with possession of a firearm after a felony conviction as well as first-degree murder.

Khalid Jabara’s sister, Victoria Jabara Williams, posted this to her Facebook page to memorialize her brother and list just some of the trials and tribulations that Majors allegedly inflicted upon the family. She included her own belief that if the police had been more diligent in their work, her brother might still be alive.

Victoria Jabara Williams Facebook post

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