Pokémon Go Crime Roundup #4: An Abandoned Toddler, Dangerous Mines, A Florida Man, And More

Photo: Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Pokèmon Go is still very much a thing, which means there is no shortage of new crimes, mishaps, and emergencies being attributed to the app.

Here are nine more Pokèmon Go–related snafus that have made the news since our last roundup:

1. Arizona Parents Left Two-Year-Old Home Alone To Catch Pokémon

A couple ventured out together to experience Pokémon Go. The problem? They abandoned their two-year-old son to do so. According to The Huffington Post, Brianna and Brent Daley (pictured above) were charged with child endangerment and child neglect after their child was found alone, outside in 96-degree heat, wearing only a diaper and a T-shirt. “Deputies found a phone number for someone they believed was the boy’s dad,” a statement from the Pinal County Sheriff’s office said. “When they called and told him his child was found abandoned, he replied, ‘Whatever,’ and hung up the phone.” The parents, who admitted to leaving their child to play the game, left him alone for approximately 90 minutes.

2. Driver Distracted By Pokémon Go Reportedly Crashes Into Police Car

Footage taken from a Maryland cop’s body cam shows a driver crashing into their parked car. “That’s what I get for playing this dumbass game,”  the Pokémon Go enthusiast is heard saying as police approach him.  On Tuesday, Baltimore Police spokesperson TJ Smith warned that the augmented reality game and driving are a dangerous mix. “This could have easily, easily been a tragedy,” Smith commented, according to the Daily Mail.

3. Bosnian Pokémon Masters-In-Training: Stop Playing In Minefields

Bosnian authorities have cautioned Pokémon Go players to be careful while catching ’em all, as the country is littered with thousands of landmines. Atlas Obscura reports that the mines are from the Bosnian War, a violent conflict which ended in 1995. These leftover mines have killed hundreds over the past two decades — and are still a threat to the public. “Today we received information that some users of the Pokémon Go app in Bosnia were going to places which are a risk for (unexploded) mines, in search of a Pokémon,” Posavina bez mina wrote on Facebook Monday. “Citizens are urged no to do so, to respect demarcation signs of dangerous mine fields and not to go into unknown areas.”

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4. New Jersey Woman Searches For Pokémon In Cemetery, Gets Stuck In Tree

A New Jersey woman called 911 from a Gloucester County cemetery because she was stuck in a tree. WCAU reports the unnamed caller phoned in from Eglington Cemetery on July 21 after she scaled the tree in pursuit of a Pokémon and then couldn’t get down. East Greenwich Township Fire Chief Rob Gould III commented: “We were just trying to get the word out that people need to be cognizant about watching where they are going and what they are doing so no one gets hurt. This game phenomenon is happening everywhere, not just the urban areas, and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Luckily this person escaped injury.” 

5. Pokémon Go Leads To Cops Tasing Florida Man In Park

A Tampa, Florida, man was shot with a taser after he supposedly refused to leave a park. WTSP reports that David T. Mastrototaro-Baermude was one of 150 Pokémon Go players told to leave Ballast Point Park at 10:30 P.M. on July 22. After he refused, police attempted to arrest Mastrototaro-Baermude for trespassing when a scuffle ensued. He was ultimately tased and brought in on charges of trespassing after a warning and resisting arrest.

6. Armed Pokémon Go Player Thwarts Attempted Robbery

Elvis Campo

Elvis Campos was wounded when he reportedly attempted to rob a group playing Pokémon Go. Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

A gunman got more than he bargained for when he allegedly attempted to rob an armed Pokémon Go gamer. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Elvis Campos (pictured) approached a group playing the game at a Las Vegas park Monday at 4 A.M. and was met with gunfire. According to The Huffington Post, the gamer had a concealed carry license. Campos, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries, was arrested and charged with battery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon. Campos’s getaway driver was also apprehended.

7. New York Sex Offenders Banned From Playing Pokémon Go

On Monday, New York Govenor Andrew Cuomo announced that sex offenders are barred from downloading and using Pokémon Go. The rule prevents some 3,000 offenders from playing the app, as lawmakers believe the game could allow them easier access to children, NBC New York reports. The Department of Criminal Justice Services will also provide Niantic, the company that makes the game, information about individuals on the sex-offender registry. “Protecting New York’s children is priority number one and, as technology evolves, we must ensure these advances don’t become new avenues for dangerous predators to prey on new victims,”  Cuomo commented in a statement.

8. Passenger Photographs Über Driver Using Pokémon Go While Driving

An Über passenger posted photos showing their driver tapping away on Pokèmon Go during a trip to north London. Paul Mohammad claimed his driver was preoccupied with the game during the 20-minute trip, keeping his phone mounted in the hands-free station. “I was amazed that even an Über driver was playing it. Because of the traffic, he wasn’t able to concentrate on it that much,” the 22-year-old told the Daily Mail. Über claimed they haven’t received any complaints about the trip in question, but the company’s spokesperson assured, “We would encourage the rider on this trip to get in touch with us so we can identify the journey, investigate what happened, and take any follow-up action necessary with the licensed driver.”

9. 62-Year-Old Pokèmon Gamer Gets Stuck In Mud Pit

A 62-year-old Pokèmon enthusiast got himself in a sticky situation when he reportedly was almost engulfed in mud. The unnamed player became lodged waist-deep in the mud pit located behind his Coeymans, New York, home. NBC New York reports the unnamed man managed to call 911. A cop located him in the thick woods by pinging his phone.

Main photos: Brent Daley, 27, and Brianna Daley, 25, who are accused of leaving their two-year-old son home alone while they played Pokèmon Go. [Pinal County Sheriff’s Office]



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