Pokémon Go Crime Roundup #5: Woman Alleges Rape By Pokémon, Man Stabbed In Face In Poké-Confusion & More Pokémon Go Crimes!

It’s a new day with a whole new batch of ridiculous Pokémon Go–related crimes …

Woman Tells Police She Was Raped by a Pokémon Go Character

Russian police say a young woman has lodged a formal complaint after claiming she was raped by a Pokémon. The married woman, whose name has not been released, told officers in Moscow that she had been playing the game before falling asleep – and then woke up to find a huge Pokémon lying on top of her body, sexually assaulting her. She claimed that the creature fled the scene, but her phone could still detect its virtual presence on her bed. The woman woke up her husband to tell him what had happened – but he later told police that he did not believe her, and recommended that she see a psychiatrist. [Daily Mail Online]

Fort Phoenix [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Fort Phoenix [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Pokémon Go Players Trash Famous Revolutionary War Fort

Fort Phoenix, the site of the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War, is being trashed by Pokémon Go players, according to the volunteer caretaker charged with cleaning up the mess. Gary Lavalette told ABC6 that the Pokémon Go players have damaged the site where so many brave men lost their lives by digging up dirt looking for treasure, leaving behind trash, and even relieving themselves at the site — restrooms close at 5 P.M., but many players stay out late at night, hoping to capture rare Pokémon. “We’re filling up a 30-yard dumpster in four days … we had a 30-foot stone wall that someone literally took apart with a crow bar,” Lavalette said. [ABC6]

Man Playing Pokémon Go Stabbed in the Face in Broad Daylight 

Chris Perguidi was playing the game in downtown San Jose, California, walking toward two Poké stops. When he got to his destination, a woman started yelling and a man jumped on him, accusing him of recording them on his phone before trying to steal his backpack. Perguidi was slashed across the chin and face, and stumbled to his girlfriend’s house. He believes that he may have been targeted because he was not paying attention. [ABC 7 News]

Man Beaten and Robbed in Baltimore While Playing Pokémon

A 19-year-old Carroll County man was playing Pokémon Go when he was allegedly attacked by three suspects, who punched and kicked him repeatedly before stealing his cell phone. The attack occurred at around 11:45 P.M. near Towson’s Historic Courthouse in Patriot Plaza on July 13. Baltimore County police say that the incident is still under investigation. [Baltimore Sun]

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Pokémon Go Players Steal Boat to Chase Monsters Across a Lake

Several youths swiped a rowing boat and crossed New Brighton marine lake in Wallasey, Wirral, in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, according to the U.K. Coastguard. The Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team and the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene, but the players had already fled, leaving the boat behind. Posting on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Facebook page (below), a spokesperson wrote: “Catching Pokémon took a not-so-fun turn when the UK Coastguard was called to investigate reports of a group of twenty youths taking a rowing boat without permission to chase a Pokémon across New Brighton marine lake.” [The Mirror]

Couple Wearing Pig Masks Shoot Lasers at Pokémon Hunters

A couple wearing pig masks terrified two teenagers out playing Pokémon Go in the tiny town of Insjön, Sweden, by beaming a laser pointer at them on Friday night. “They wore rubber masks depicting pigs’ heads and they started screaming and waving a green laser, the teens’ mother told the Dalarnas Tidningar newspaper. The disguised couple, who were wearing T-shirt that read “King” and “Queen,” later brought traffic to a halt when they stopped to have sex on the side of the road near the town’s waterwheel. Their identities are not yet known. [Daily Mail Online]

Family Blames Pokémon Go For College Man’s Death At Aquatic Park

Calvin Riley, 20, was fatally shot on August 6 at around 10 P.M. while playing Pokémon Go in the Aquatic Park area of San Francisco’s waterfront. Members of his family are pointing the blame at Pokémon Go developers, with Riley’s cousin writing in a Facebook post: “I think they made this game for all the wrong intentions.” [San Francisco Examiner/KRON 4]

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