Suspected Chicago Loop Terrorist Adel Daoud Calls Judge “Reptilian Overlord”; Ruled Incompetent To Stand Trial

Adel Daoud was only 18 when he was arrested in September 2012 for allegedly trying to detonate a car bomb outside of a bar in Chicago’s Loop. According to reports, in 2012, Daoud parked a Jeep Cherokee loaded with what he believed was a car bomb outside Cal’s Liquors. He then walked to an alley and attempted to use a remote control to detonate the device. He was arrested on the spot.

It is important to note that Daoud was a U.S. citizen at the time of the attempted bombing, and had landed on the FBI’s radar after posting online about “violent jihad” against Americans.

What Daoud didn’t know at the time was that the bomb was a fake. An undercover FBI agent posting as a jihadi had provided him with the fake device after Daoud had told the agent that he wanted to commit a jihadist attack. The FBI was watching Daoud the entire time he made the attempt on the bar, and the undercover agent was with him when he pressed the trigger. Daoud was taken into custody and sent to federal lockup, where he has been cooling his heels ever since as he awaits trial. While in jail, Daoud racked up five other assault charges after he allegedly tried to kill another inmate with a handmade shank over the victim drawing a cartoon that appeared to mock the prophet Mohammed. Daoud’s trial on the terrorism charges was originally scheduled for January 2016, but it has yet to begin.

During a status hearing in August 2015, Daoud reportedly testified before the court in a rant that included his belief that his case was a hoax, and proceeded to accuse the jury of being Freemasons. He even declared a belief that the judge had hired the jury. Judge Sharon Coleman ordered that Daoud undergo a psychological examination that week.

Over the intervening months, Daoud went even further. He has repeatedly asserted a belief that his attorneys are not just Freemasons, but they’re also working for the Illuminati. During a hearing earlier this month to determine his competency to stand trial, in testimony to the judge given against the advice of his attorney, Daoud stated once more that he believed that the attorneys as well as the judge herself were conspiring against him as part of a secret society. There are conflicting reports saying that at one point he suggested the judge was actually a “reptilian overlord.” When his own lawyer asked if he was the defendant, Daoud replied that he was the “hostage.” Daoud reportedly spent approximately 30 minutes on the witness stand, during which time he testified that he had written President Obama asking to be released to fight in Syria, as well as claiming that the government had essentially set him up all because he wanted to go to Saudi Arabia and study to be a Muslim scholar.

In an order handed down by Judge Coleman, she notes that Daoud had described the Illumianti as “lizard people.” Daoud was making statements that Coleman described as “delusional.” She also stated that while he appeared to have an understanding of the facts in the case against him, his understanding of the proceedings themselves was undermined by the apparent delusions. Coleman determined that the most prudent course of action at this time was to declare that Daoud was not competent to stand trial. She ordered that Daoud be remanded to a psychiatric facility for a minimum of three months of treatment and a re-evaluation of his competency after that time in hopes of Daoud finally standing trial on the terrorism charges in February 2017.

WFLD brings us this report:

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