Yorkshire Ripper Will Rough It In Prison After 32 Years In Cushy Mental Hospital

Peter Sutcliffe's 1981 mug shot. [West Yorkshire Police]

The United Kingdom’s Mental Health Tribunal has ruled that Peter Coonan, née Sutcliffe, the “Yorkshire Ripper,” is now sane. This results in a savings to the British taxpayer of £250,000 (approximately $323,000) a year, as the Broadmoor Hospital, where he’s been living for the past 32 years, is that much more expensive than even a high-security prison, according to the Daily Mail.

The former truck driver and gravedigger was initially diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, and he claimed that it was the voice of God that told him to slaughter and mutilate 13 sex workers. In addition to that murder spree, he was also accused of attempting to kill at least seven additional women. He was sentenced to 20 life sentences for his crimes.

His relatively plush hospital digs have allowed him his own room with a TV and a DVD player. He even has a team of body guards for his protection, according to the Daily Mail report. Once he’s transferred to prison, he’ll be thrown in with other criminals and have no special privileges. He may even be transferred from prison to prison frequently, as it can be dangerous for an infamous criminal to be incarcerated with people who are aware of his deeds.

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The 70-year-old Coonan is understandably upset at this development and is threatening a hunger strike. Coincidentally, he has also recently begun claiming that he is hearing the voice of God again — telling him to murder more prostitutes.

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Main photo: Peter Sutcliffe’s 1981 mug shot. [West Yorkshire Police]



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