UPDATE: TV Ghost Hunter Ryan Buell’s Mom Says “He’s Ill, But Not From Cancer”

Update (September 26, 2016):

Ryan Buell’s mother has seemingly confirmed many fans’ suspicions that he did not have pancreatic cancer, according to a comment obtained by Crimefeed. Shelly Bonavita Lundburg recently reached out through social media and asked people not to enable her son, and responded to a comment posted by one fan who asked about his cancer diagnosis by writing: “He’s ill, but not from cancer. His family knows the REAL story. You all need to stop believing his lies and stop enabling him…PLEASE!” Her response was deleted, but a fan was able to capture a screenshot, which they forwarded to Crimefeed.

The celebrity ghost hunter was moved to Centre County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, where as of September 26 he was incarcerated facing theft charges.






Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell, 34 (above), is currently behind bars in Florence County, South Carolina. He faces two felony charges related to theft and stolen property. Now followers of the celebrity phantom-chaser have come forward to claim that this incident is just the latest in a series of Buell’s scams.

From 2007 to 2011, Buell starred as a supernatural researcher on the A&E reality show Paranormal State. The show chronicled Buell looking for specters, poltergeists, and other such spirits with his Paranormal Research Society (PRS).

After news of Buell’s arrest broke, fans of the show posted hundreds of social-media messages alleging Buell ripped them off. Many claim he took money for events, then either did not show up or canceled without issuing refunds. More shockingly, others question whether Buell ever actually had the pancreatic cancer he reportedly battled in 2012.

In 2013 Ryan discussed his treatment. “They wanted to do preventative treatment: build up my organs, especially my kidneys. My understanding is that most people die of other complications due to the cancer, like kidney failure,” he told People in 2013.

Buell added that he was “close to remission“, and ready to tour again. “They did remove the tumor laparoscopically, and there has been no spread,” he said. “I wasn’t diagnosed as having this at stage three or stage four.”

In 2014, Buell’s longtime friend and celebrity medium Chip Coffey was scheduled to be on the “Conversations with the Dead Tour” with Buell. Coffey wrote on Facebook that the news of Buell’s arrest was “shocking, but I was NOT surprised.”

Coffey claimed that after appearing on 31 episodes of Paranormal State, he left following “several ugly interactions” with Buell. Three years later, he said Buell apologized and approached him about being part of the six-city tour.

Coffey wrote: “Sadly, less than a week before the tour was scheduled to begin, I discovered that payments had not been made to the venues where we were slated to appear, nor had airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, etc. been booked … despite the fact that over $80,000.00 had been collected for ticket sales.

Buell’s mother Shelley has even taken the extraordinary step of publicly pleading with fans to stop “enabling” Buell on Facebook, which was posted by Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters, another paranormal reality show.

She wrote: “PLEASE stop enabling his situation by sending money, buying tickets to events that may never occur, buying merchandise/phone calls you may never get, paying money to watch him on Twitch, and giving him offers of shelter … I am pleading with you out of LOVE for my son and I’m frightened by what his situation has become.”

Several websites reported that she responded to a fan’s comment about her son’s condition by stating in a (now-deleted) comment that he was “sick” but that the illness was “not cancer.” 

The embattled otherworldly investigator continues to oversee Paranormal Twitch, which he describes on Instagram as a “gaming channel dedicated to interacting with fans and enjoying all things horror/paranormal”  – though several recent broadcasts appear to have been delayed or cancelled.

Buell has been open in the past about his Catholic faith and bisexuality. In November 2014, Buell announced that he was gay and due to marry his Paranormal State co-star Sergey Poberezhny. It is not clear if the couple are still together. In April 2016, Buell tweeted that he was “single and ready to be mingled!”

Poberezhny continues to work with the Paranormal Research Society. He recently posted an appeal on Facebook for donations to help with the costs of shipping for items that had not yet been delivered to fans.

Some followers have written messages of support, but other are lashing out. One wrote that she hopes Poberezhny “rots in jail” with Buell. Still other devotees wonder if Buell may actually possessed by demons.

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Main photo: Ryan Buell [Photo: Centre County Correctional Facility]

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  • Susan

    Although it was deleted, I have the screen save from Ryan’s mother. I quote, “…He’s ill, but not from cancer. His family knows the REAL story. You all need to stop believing his lies and stop enabling him…PLEASE!!!” If you would like a copy of the screen save for your article, let me know where to send it. I don’t see a way to post it here.

    • Catherine Townsend

      Hi – Yes please; it would be great to get the image. You can send the screen saver to catherine_townsend@discovery.com – Thanks!

      • Observer

        You just posted your email address on a website. Very bad idea.

      • Susan

        Hi, Catherine. Check your email. I sent you that one and several others. Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Chip Coffey

    As of yesterday (9/22) afternoon, Ryan Buell was still incarcerated at the Florence County, SC Detention Center, not in Centre County, PA.

    • Roberta Bendrick Hemer

      i loved to watch that show back in the days when it was airing, loved watching you chip i miss your appearances on the different shows. do you think that maybe ryan could have been corrupted by the very demons he chased,i mean it is possible right? or do you feel by personal opinion he was just a fake?

      • Roberta Bendrick Hemer

        i hope you still work with the children who have the abilities i have always thought that was very kind of you 🙂

    • Pat Elalem

      Thanks Chip. At least we know we can believe you. You have never lied about any of this mess. People need to open their eyes and see the truth. Ryan has a drug problem, and needs to deal with it. Hopefully he will get the help he needs in jail. You must sometimes hit rock bottom before you learn to walk again. Blessed Be!

    • Christine Colby

      Thank you! Fixed.

    • James Hand

      It takes us so much to surrender but by doing that we win. God can and will if you let him!

    • Nikki

      You know chip Iiked ryan and if he really doesn’t have cancer and stole all that money from all those people he should pay for it I am shocked I always thought he was a good guy

      Well atleast your honest do you do personal readings over the phone thank u have a good day and happy Halloween😨😨

    • Bill Doerr

      He looks like a raging drug addict in that picture posted up top …. He looks horrible .

    • Monica

      Does you think that Ryan might have been affected by something negative or demonic during his work that attached itself to him? It’s not like I know the man from watching a TV show, but he seems like a completely different person now, physically and spiritually. He was very public in his fight against demons and now he’s publicly humiliated and discredited himself. Seems like that would be fitting revenge.

  • Diana

    If he faked pancreatic cancer he is the lowest of the low. It killed my husband in 6 months

    • browneyes

      I totally agree with you. Cancer has been a plague in my family. So sorry for your lost.

  • redbirdll

    He looks so thin! I am so sorry he has the demons on his back. I pray he gets the help he needs and can overcome this mess he has created.

  • Ryan Naiss

    I believe when dealing with paranormal investigations can cause havoc in a persons life. Its theological issues your dealing with. I think this situation demons are doing what they know how to do and what they are made to do….cause destruction and do whatever it takes to destroy and kill. I pray Ryan fights this spiritually and gets back to doing what he is destined to do. To bash him etc is just doing what evil wants you to do. Ryan you got this….with God all things are possible! God bless!

  • Diane Carroll

    He’s out of jail it’s rumored he may have an event on Oct 27th of this month.

  • JudiciousAffairs

    Consensus is that it’s either a drug habit, or that the “illness” she’s referring to is his sexuality, seeing as he was allegedly disowned by his family well before he proposed to Sergey. Buell’s family are staunchly Catholic, like the hardcore judgey type, and so while he may have reconciled his faith and sexuality they certainly haven’t.

    I’m not saying he hasn’t scammed everyone and their grandma, but it’s still best not to take news from a source that has been in contention with the subject of that news for years.

    • Bill Doerr

      He looks like a Hard Core drug addict in that booking photo up top

    • jgmitzen

      Sergey claims to be married to a woman now, so the claim that he and Ryan were ever married, or even a couple, might just be another lie.

    • TheRoommate

      He’s a drug addict and pathological liar stemming from that. Drug addicts only care about themselves and their addictions. That is it.

  • Barby Nida

    I’m a true fan of chip. But as for Ryan I’m extremely shocked and blown out of the waters. I have all 5 seasons of paranormal state. I stopped watching after what Ryan has done

  • Chase Schade

    I think ryan is not a fake. But feel he’s been around demons for a good portion of his life. Even the best of us can be corrupted by the dark side. I truly pray and wish him well. Not only him but those around him. Be well all and be good to yourselfs. Ryan if you are reading this know that you are loved by many and all. May you find more love and happiness than your heart or hands can hold! Chase xo.

  • This Guy

    I had no clue all this was going on. I watch PRS reruns every Sunday morning and it’s sad to know that this “drug demon” has it’s hold on Ryan…I’m not very religious but I will pray for his recovery because I know how bad of a hold drugs can have on someone.. what he did was wrong and hopefully it can all get straightened out in the end..

  • William Stanton

    Looks like heroin to me, it’s cool I’ve been there n I know it is possible too live without it. Get better, we all got our demons.

  • imtexan

    This is all so sad. I loved the show and loved the empathy and sincere caring Ryan showed to the people they went to help. Chip… you should be able to tell if Ryan is being possessed by a demon.. please let us know so we can help him. Is it HIV? Is it drugs? Is it demon possession? No one really spins out of control without a cause.

  • Cynthia VanOrden

    Ryan looks horrible. He looks like hes on drugs.

  • Cynthia VanOrden

    So sad. I loved the show paranormal state. At least i now know why Katrina left to join Nick. But why did nick leave ??

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  • Ldy Wendy T Martin

    Today is May 16, 2018, after all these years not knowing what Ryan had been up to, thought I would check in and see how everyone was doing. Sad to know what he is done but I still care about Ryan we all make mistakes we all screw up what else is new nobody is perfect in this world we all have to face God sometime. Please pray for Ryan, love from APACHI! May God forgive you for all your wrong doings Ryan, get right with God and ask forgiveness from your fans that you failed them and be right with the world.