UPDATE: Burke Ramsey Slams Theory That His Mom Killed JonBenét And Discusses 911 Call, Ransom Note, and Pineapple

UPDATE (September 14, 2016):

Burke Ramsey revealed more details about the night that his sister JonBenét was killed in the second part of an exclusive interview, in which he discussed topics including his thoughts on whether she was sexually abused, the mysterious pineapple, the mysterious voices at the end of the 911 tape, and the ransom note.

On the ransom note: 

Dr. Phil directly confronted Burke about the theory that his mother Patsy may have written the ransom note. “I’ve never really looked at it closely,” Burke said. “It’s not something that I really want to look at a lot.” When shown a copy of the ransom note, Burke said the penmanship appeared “too sloppy” to have been written by his mother, saying “she would always bug me about having good handwriting.”

On the theory that Patsy could have flown into a rage and killed JonBenét over bedwetting: 

I definitely remember her and me wetting the bed maybe a couple of times a week,” Burke said when Dr. Phil quizzed him about the theory that Patsy could have killed her daughter in a rage over bedwetting — but he repeatedly said that he had never seen his mother fly into a rage. “We didn’t get spanked. Nothing of the sort. Not even close,” he added.

On the mysterious voices on the 911 tape:

Many experts have said that they hear three distinct voices on the 911 tape, and claim that Burke’s voice can be heard saying “What did you find?” at the end. Burke denied speaking those words or being present when the call took place, but added a qualifier: “I definitely don’t remember that unless someone erased my memory or something,” he said.

On the police interviews:

Burke visited a child psychologist 13 days after JonBenét’s murder and was asked to draw a picture of his family. He drew himself, his mother, and his father — but did not draw JonBenét. Dr. Phil explained that the observations leaked to the press implied that he displayed indifference and had difficulty opening up about the family. “I think I look like a normal kid. Maybe that’s just my personality. I’m a little reserved,” Burke said.

On the pineapple:

Dr. Phil also addressed the fragments of undigested pineapple found in JonBenét’s stomach, and the bowl that was found with Patsy’s fingerprints on it next to a glass of iced tea with Burke’s fingerprints. “Maybe. I don’t remember specifically eaten pineapple but we very well could have,” he said. “Would you remember eating pineapple 20 years ago?”

On the flashlight:

On the show, Candice DeLong explained that JonBenét was hit with something hard very hard with an unknown object, possibly a flashlight or similar type object. The blow knocked her into unconsciousness, and she could have appeared to be dead — but the actual cause of death was strangulation, which came later.

Burke said he remembered getting out of bed that night. “Yeah, I had some toy that I wanted to put together. I remember being downstairs after everyone was kind of in bed and wanted to get this thing out. I just remember being downstairs; I remember this toy.”

Some investigators believed that the two marks on JonBenét’s skin could have been caused by a stun gun, while others theorized that the “stun gun” marks could actually be train tracks that could have poked into her skin. Burke totally denied hitting her with a train set.

On whether or not he thinks JonBenét was sexually abused: 

Absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe that anyone was sexually abusing her in any way,” he said.

On his memories of JonBenét’s funeral:

He said that he found the funeral “weird” and “traumatizing” and remembers “wanting people to not be sad.” He said that he recalls his mother being distraught, saying that “she would cry and cry and then she would fall asleep or something and then she would cry again.”


For 20 years, experts have analyzed every piece of evidence from the scene of the murder of JonBenét Ramsey in the early morning hours of December 26, 1996 — but mystery has always surrounded her nine-year-old brother Burke, who was the only other person known to be in the house the night of the murder.

Burke, 29, now works as a computer analyst and has never before spoken publicly about what happened inside the house. He revealed to Dr. Phil in an exclusive three-part interview his memories of the night his sister was murdered.

Burke told Dr. Phil that he did not hear anything unusual during the night — until all hell broke loose. “The first thing I remember is my mom bursting in my room really frantic saying like, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,’ running around my room looking for JonBenét. At that moment I was awake. She left, and you could kind of hear her freaking out,” he said.

Burke said he remembered a policeman coming into the room, and shining a flashlight. “I remember her saying, ‘Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?,'” he said. “I just laid there and didn’t really know what else to do.

Dr. Phil pointed out that people may find it odd that he stayed in bed when a police officer came in with a flashlight. Burke responded: “To be fair, I didn’t know that it was a police officer. I guess I kind of like to avoid conflict. I guess I just felt safer there. I’m not the worried type,” he said. “I guess part of me doesn’t want to know what’s going on.”

He also said that he was “scared,” adding: “I didn’t know if there was some bad guy downstairs who my dad was chasing off with a gun. I had no idea.”

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In an interview with the Boulder Police Department in 1997, according to a transcript posted on ForumsForJustice, John Ramsey was asked specifically if Patsy’s screaming woke Burke up, but he insisted that his son remained in bed and asleep.

OK. “When you checked on Burke, did he, was he disturbed at all by that, did he wake up at all by that scream?”


JR:  “No, he was asleep still.”

Burke also told Dr. Phil why he has been reluctant to talk to the media before now.

For a long time the media basically made our lives crazy,” he said, explaining that a simple trip to the supermarket could become a “chaotic nightmare” where he would see tabloids with his and JonBenét’s picture on the cover. “I was pretty skeptical of any sort of media,” he said. “It just made me a very private person.”

He also shared his happy memories of the Christmas morning with his sister, and shared that he and JonBenét came downstairs to peek at their gifts — which included bikes, a Nintendo 64, and a dollhouse. The last time that he remembers seeing his sister alive, he said, was in the car on the way back from Fleet White’s house — where he and his parents had attended a Christmas party that day.

When said that when he went downstairs, he remembers the slightly surreal scene unfolding as he was told that his sister was missing — and telling the police officer who broke the news that she “was probably hiding somewhere.”

I have an image in my head of the kitchen, and it was really early morning, and there are a lot of people around who I don’t really know.” Dr. Phil revealed at the end of the interview that he will ask Burke about the pineapple and voice on the 911 call in the second installment, and weighed in on Burke’s behavior during the interview, including smiling and laughing — which many viewers found bizarre.

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This is a very socially awkward young man,” Dr. Phil said on Today. “He has not had the social contact that most kids have growing up. When you have reporters at the end of your driveway, you can’t go to school. And even now, he works as a computer analyst, but he works remotely … he’s not around people.” 

People are going to be very interested in his demeanor, and they’re going to find his demeanor atypical,” Dr. Phil said. “He might be talking about some pretty dark aspects of this story, and smiling while he’s talking about that.”

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