Caught on Tape: YMCA Burglar Empties Toy Cash Register of Play Money

Take a good look at this video image released by the Indio Police Department in California in Palm Springs. Authorities say the surveillance tape from which it comes shows an alleged suspect crashing through the ceiling tiles of the local YMCA. He’s then seen fishing around for valuables, coming upon a cash register, and removing all the cash therein before fleeing.

Here’s where it gets genuinely newsworthy: the prowler actually dropped into the YMCA’s children’s development center, the cash register is a toy, and all he stole was play money.

The video further depicts the suspect running half-speed down a longer hallway after his big haul. His face is illuminated. The dark-haired figure appears to be wearing a black polo shirt, a white undershirt, and shorts.

Sgt. Dan Marshall of the Indio PD told WSET, “Thieves tend to have specific m.o.’s with stuff that they follow and stuff that they get comfortable with and they don’t get caught doing it once and they figure, hey, it’s a tried and true method and then they stick to it.”

The Y’s damaged area has since been repaired. In addition, the make-believe cash register has been stocked with fresh pretend money.

If you know anything about this incident, authorities are looking for your leads. Please contact CrimeStoppers directly: 760.341.STOP

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Main image: Indio Police Department, released surveillance video

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