Hospital Botches Skin Cancer Surgery, Attaches Woman’s Colon To Her Vagina

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A woman who went to the hospital to have skin cancer removed from her colon has revealed her horror after waking up to find her colon rearranged and attached to her vagina, according to Fox News.

Three years ago Jasminka Velkovska checked into the “8 September” City General Hospital facility in Skopje, Macedonia, for skin cancer surgery. Central European News reported that when she woke up, doctors came in and asked if she was passing gas.

Perplexed Velkovska said she told them, “Yes, but it’s coming out of my vagina.” Those same doctors reportedly told her that everything would go back to normal soon. It did not. She said at that point, “stuff had started to come out of my vagina and I was feeling scared and it was all very unpleasant.” 

She requested an X-ray, which proved that much more happened while she was under the knife than she’d expected. The report said that Velkovska’s colon and vagina had been intertwined and connected, causing her to pass gas from her vaginal opening. To make things worse, the malignant skin cells had not been removed.

Velkovska was confused, hurt, and not sure where to turn so she hired attorneys to represent her case. CEN reported that Velkovska and her lawyers reached an agreement with the hospital managers outside of court for approximately $33,000. She has only been paid two-thirds of the agreed-upon amount and is still waiting for a final payment of about $11,000.

Velkovska said she will file a civil suit against the hospital if they do not pay the settlement. She said that she plans to have the skin cancer procedure, which she still needs, done at a different institution.

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