Mother and Bride of the Bride: Mom and Daughter Marry Each Other

In March 2016, Patricia Ann Spann, 43, married Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, in Comanche County, Oklahoma. The union flew under the eyes of the law until recently, when, as WILX reports, officials discovered that Patricia is the biological mother of Misty.

As detailed in court documents, Patricia and Misty’s nuptials now find both mom and daughter charged with one count of felony incest, a crime that could get them each 10 years behind bars. Marrying a close relative is illegal in Oklahoma, regardless of whether or not the parties involved are having sex. That particular detail has not been disclosed (yet).

Adding further zest to this saga of incest is that, as WDSU reports, in 2008, Patricia Spann wed the oldest of her sons. Fifteen months later, the young man sought and received a legal annulment. Patricia’s current marriage appears to be the first with one of her same-sex children, however.

According to the New York Daily News, the two women had previously been estranged for many years. Back when Misty was still a child, Patricia lost custody of her three offspring. Misty’s paternal grandmother then raised the girl to adulthood. In 2014, the mom and daughter reunited and, according to Patricia, they just “hit it off.”

A 2016 child-welfare investigation led authorities to discover the nature of Patricia and Misty’s relationship. Patricia said she didn’t think the legality would be an issue, because for some reason she is no longer listed as the mother on Misty’s birth certificate. Patricia was incorrect.

Bond has been set for each of the seemingly nonblushing brides at $10,000 apiece.

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Main photo: Patricia Spann (left) and Misty Spann (right) [Stephens County Jail]

  • Impossible to say I’m surprised. The state STILL has movie rental stores – unsurprisingly, it’s called “Family Video” (not Blockbuster). And THIS is why America has so many ugly in-bred babies, looking like Jason Voorhees’ very first “boy” appearance.

  • Stacy Carnahan

    WOW! First she married her son and now her daughter? She needs to be locked up and have no rights to even see her kids. Seriously wrong.

    • Mia York

      A different article said she married her son because she thought it would keep him from going to Afghanistan. Apparently, he was in the military. My understanding was that she was trying to orchestrate some scheme. Her other son, Cody Spann, said his mother is just some master manipulator. This whole thing is just bizarre.

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  • Heather Green

    My first thought was that she is trying to avoid having her child testify against her, since spouses can’t be made to testify against the other spouse in court. Whatever the reason, she’s a sorry excuse for a mother.

  • Luana

    White Trash