Pokémon Go Crime Roundup #6: Player Finds Dead Body On Waterfront in Singapore, Driver Crashes Into Cop Car While Chasing Pocket Monsters & More Pokémon Go Crimes!

A man searching for Pokémon has found a dead body on the waterfront in Singapore.

Noor Azmi, 29, had been searching for water-based Pokémon characters in the Singaporean Woodlands Waterfront Park when he found the body of a female instead. “Early morning finding Pokemon. Suddenly find dead body,” Azmi wrote on Facebook. “Rest in peace whoever you are.” Azmi, who is a website designer, reportedly took down images of the dead body after several people commented about insensitivity, but the post had already been shared over 7,000 times.  [Asian Correspondent]

A California man has been charged with striking a teen who was playing Pokémon Go.

Jayson Louis Lingen, 57, has been charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors allege that on the evening of August 17, Lingen yelled at a 17-year-old who was playing the virtual reality game in Long Beach. Lingen then allegedly hit the player in the head with a metal pole. If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum possible sentence of 13 years in state prison. [Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office]

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Najat Vallaud-Belkacem [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

France doesn’t want Pokémon Go in schools. 

The country’s education minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, said at a news conference in Paris that she wants to meet with Niantic Inc. to explain why she believes that the creatures do not belong in the classroom. Vallaud-Belkacem said that putting “legendary” characters into an environment where children are present poses a security risk because it encourages nonstudents to walk into the schools. France remains in an official state of emergency following terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice. [AP]

Driver playing Pokémon Go crashes his SUV into a parked police cruiser.

New Jersey police say an unnamed driver, 42, was playing the game on his cell phone at around 3:40 A.M. Saturday in Jersey City when he crashed his vehicle into a parked police cruiser. No one was in the police car at the time, and the driver wasn’t injured. However, the Jersey City man was cited for careless driving and other motor-vehicle violations. [AP]

Japan has experienced its first Pokémon Go–related fatality.

A woman was run over by a driver in Tokushima Prefecture in what is believed to be the country’s first death related to Pokémon Go. Farmer Keiji Goo said he was playing the game while driving in Tokushima on Tuesday when he hit two female pedestrians at around 7:35 P.M. Sachiko Nakanishi, 72, was killed, and Kayoko Ikawa, 60, was badly injured. Investigators say that Goo initially told them that he had been looking at the clock on his phone, but then later admitted that he had been playing Pokémon Go. [Japan Times]

A homeowner has claimed that Pokémon Go players roaming the streets “like zombies” have left him unable to sleep for weeks.

The unnamed man lives near the memorial gardens in Hornsea, East Yorkshire, which has three designated PokéStops, where Pokémon Go players gather to search for eggs, balls, and potions. The homeowner said: “Our whole life has been transformed. Every weekend we are dreading it. We haven’t had a good night’s sleep in six weeks because of the noise and the traffic. It’s just constant, 24/7.” The man also claimed that his car and other parked vehicles have been damaged by all the traffic driving down the narrow street. [Daily Mail Online]

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Cops have ticketed a Pokémon Go fan who was playing after hours at a Brooklyn park.

Police handed Albert Wang, a 37-year-old stockbroker, a summons when he was caught playing Pokémon Wednesday at around 1:50 A.M. in a park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Wang, who lives nearby, told police that his trespassing was “an innocent mistake” and claimed that he had been en route to a “gym” where Pokémon train and do battle. The gym is located at a Revolutionary War memorial that contains human remains. “The rule was written on the sign in fine print. It was easy to miss it,” he said. Wang has promised to follow the rules in future. [New York Daily News]

Police camera captures Pokémon Go player being mistaken for a bank robber.

The Iowa City Police Department has released body camera footage of what happened when an Iowa State University football player was playing Pokémon Go in the park near his home – and turned around to see four police officers pointing their guns at him. The police can be heard asking the man to remove his backpack and lift up his shirt so that they could check his waistband before explaining to him that they were looking for a “large black man” who tried to rob a bank three blocks away. “It’s probably not you,” a female officer says, “but we have to check.” The Pokémon player remained calm and went on his way a few minutes later. [Vice]

Main photo: Facebook/Azmi Suarez



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