Mother’s Cremated Remains Stolen — Thief May Have Snorted Them

Flowers at Columbarium [Daniel Ramirez via Wikimedia Commons]

Donna Parker was 71-years-old when she passed away in July, and her daughter Carolyn had her cremated. Carolyn wanted to be able to leave portions of the ashes at various locations that reminded her of her mother, so she would keep a bag containing some cremains in her vehicle’s glove compartment. Some of the cremated remains have been scattered at Martha’s Vineyard, and Carolyn had other places in mind that her mother loved.

Carolyn Parker [WBZ video screenshot]

Carolyn Parker [WBZ video screenshot]

The 48-year-old claims someone broke into her car in Brockton, Massachusetts, and snatched the ashes instead of taking the expensive sunglasses or $20 in change that were also in the car. Carolyn believes the thief, who was working in the dark, encountered the bag of ashes and assumed the contents were drugs. She fears that her mother’s cremains may have been snorted or ingested by the robber.

Her mother’s gold chain was hanging from the rear-view mirror as well, but none of the items of monetary value were taken. She admits her Jeep may have been unlocked overnight.

Carolyn attempted to report the alleged robbery to police, but authorities said there is not much they can do. Police reportedly told her to check with neighbors in the area to see if any surveillance cameras picked up any images or clues as to who could have done this.

Carolyn told the Enterprise News Parker,

“I was going to have a necklace made with both my mother’s and my son’s ashes fused together, but now I can’t do that. I just want them back. There’s no hate. Everybody has their own problems. Just please return them.”

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Main photo: Flowers at Columbarium [Daniel Ramirez via Wikimedia Commons]



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