Two Boys Arrested For Breaking Into Cemetery, Opening, And Desecrating 50 Graves

Colonial Cemetery [Photo: Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office]

These are the crime stories making headlines today, October 17, 2016 …

  • Two boys, aged 12 and 14, have been arrested and charged with 50 counts of desecration of a grave after they vandalized a Louisiana cemetery, police said. The boys allegedly opened more than 50 graves, and broke into seven structures containing human ashes before dumping them on the ground at around 5:30 P.M. on October 12 in Colonial Cemetery in Tangipahoa. American flags honoring United States servicemen and women were removed and damaged, and officials will be contacting the family members of those affected, according to Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. Authorities said they reassembled what they could of the gravesites. [The Times-Picayune]
  • The rainbow flag [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

    The rainbow flag [Wikimedia Commons]

    Two men were arrested in Indonesia after posting a photo to Facebook. A 22-year-old student and 24-year-old office worker from Indonesia were arrested after uploading a picture of them kissing that was captioned: “With my dear lover tonight. May our love last forever.” Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, but police say that the two men are expected to be charged for breaking anti-pornography laws. The couple is not currently in custody, but both men risk being jailed if it is determined that they have broken the law, according to authorities. [The Independent]
Kwaniqua Glenn [Photo: Seminole County]

Kwaniqua Glenn [Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]

  • A 34-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after a video of her letting a seven-year-old boy drive a car went viral, authorities said. Kwaniqua Glenn was arrested Thursday in Seminole County and charged with child neglect and allowing an unauthorized person to drive a motor vehicle after school officials were made aware of a video posted to social media that showed a young child driving a vehicle on a public street. The school resource deputy recognized the boy, who was not wearing a seatbelt, as a student at a school where he is assigned and contacted law enforcement. Investigators later determined that the child drove at an average speed of about 28 miles per hour for about a third of a mile. No one was injured during the drive. [ABC Action News]
  • A Texas man accused of killing a four-year-old boy has been freed from prison because the county could no longer afford his medical care. Cel’ves Cook was behind bars in the Uvalde County Justice Center for nearly three years, but he was released last month after being diagnosed with an unspecified medical condition requiring expensive long-term care. While on house arrest the D.A. says that Cook must call the Adult Supervision Office weekly; attend court; allow his phone to be examined; stay in his home at any time; stay off the internet except for school, work, or medical purposes; and have no contact with his codefendant. Cook’s medical care has so far cost taxpayers just over $19,000, which is close to 1/5 of the entire medical budget for this fiscal year. [Fox 15 Abilene]
  • A lawyer for the New York man who murdered his mother and snapped a selfie with her severed head has argued that his mental illness meant he could not distinguish right from wrong. Lynn Calvacca held up a shocking photo of Bahsid McLean, 26, smiling with his mother’s disembodied head on Thursday in Bronx Supreme Court as she argued that jurors should acquit McLean by reason of mental defect or disease. McLean is charged with murdering his mother Tanya Byrd, 52, inside their apartment in the Bronx on February 26, 2013. [New York Daily News]
  • Ryanair plane [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

    Ryanair plane [Wikimedia Commons]

    A British tourist has been fined £3,000 ($3,658) after pooping on the runway of an Italian airport following a Ryanair flight from Manchester. David Sharp, 68, had flown into Brindisi Airport in Apulia in southern Italy last week with the budget carrier when he allegedly pulled down his trousers and defecated on the asphalt between the aircraft and the terminal building. He told Italian police that he was in a state of “mild agitation” at the time of the incident. Authorities reportedly tracked him down the following day at a hotel where he was staying and slapped him with the fine.  []
  • A Phoenix woman who allegedly attempted to stab her ex-husband with a screwdriver on Wednesday later escaped from handcuffs and hanged herself with a shoelace in the back of a police van, authorities revealed. The unidentified 39-year-old woman was arrested for domestic violence and assaulting a police officer, and then placed in the back of a police van en route to jail. She was the only passenger, police say, when officers found her unconscious with a shoelace around her neck attached to an air vent above her. She was taken to the hospital, but is not expected to survive. [The Huffington Post]
  • Michael Horvarth [Photo: Monroe County]

    Michael Horvarth [Monroe County]

    Michael Gene Horvath, 49, was jailed without bond Wednesday on criminal homicide and kidnapping charges in Pennsylvania in the death of a female coworker. Holly Grim, 41, was reported missing in November 2013 and had worked with Horvarth at a company that makes church organs, according to police. Investigators found shackles, stun guns, and notes indicating that Horvath might have been stalking someone, as well as several DVDs dealing with murder, sexually deviant behavior, and “hunting humans,” according to a filed affidavit. State troopers also reportedly found at least two pieces of rib bone that were determined by DNA to be Grim’s buried behind Horvarth’s backyard. [CBS News]

Main image: Colonial Cemetery [Photo: Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office]



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