#Clownpocalypse2016 II: The Creepy Clown Crime Wave Continues

Travis Pressley [Union County Sheriff's Office]

From reports of clowns snatching babies and carrying chainsaws to riding mobility scooters, the creepy clown crime wave of 2016 continues to circle the globe. Here are the most recent reports making headlines in what we call #Clownpocalypse2016:

Knife- And Bat-Wielding Clowns Terrify Children In Plymouth

In England, reports of clowns armed with knives and baseball bats terrifying children around Plymouth have gone viral on social media. Police say that there have also been claims that “silent” clowns have been approaching children on streets and of school being “locked down” in Plymouth — but add that many of the reports are unconfirmed. Many of the social-media postings involve clowns at bus stops, in the woods, and even on mobility scooters. Police continue to investigate the authenticity of the reports. [Plymouth Herald]

Insane Clown Posse: “There Are No Killer Clowns”

Insane Clown Posse members have weighed in on the clown sightings on their social-media pages. “OK, Juggalos, we’ve received like 40 emails and even more postings on pages asking about our opinion on these so-called ‘killer clown’ reports that keep popping up,” read one message on the band’s Facebook page. “One reporter even called and asked me if this was an “ICP promotional tactic!” Needless to say, I shut his ass down VERY quickly. So there ARE no ‘killer clowns” — it’s just jackasses being jackasses. So everyone relax!” [Insane Clown Posse/Facebook]

Clown In California Tries To Kidnap Baby

Police in California city are searching for a clown accused of attempting to snatch a one-year-old girl out of her mother’s arms. Police said Tiffany Martin was waiting at a bus stop in Concord, at about 1:15 P.M. on Wednesday when a man in a clown outfit walked up to them. She told police that the man said “hi” to her baby, then began to pull the baby’s arm. She claimed that she kicked the clown in the shin, and he ran off. Martin says she’s afraid he will go after someone else. [11 Alive]

Kate Middleton’s Mom Sells “Killer Clown” Outfits

Carole Middleton [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Carole Middleton [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

“Killer Clown” costumes are being sold on Party Pieces, the costume website owned by Kate Middleton’s mother Carole Middleton. The site sells a Deluxe Sinister Clown with “a bloodied jumpsuit and terrifying mask with open brain,” as well as other outfits for sale that range in cost from £18.99 to £43.99 ($23 to $55). The Berkshire-based firm has been criticized by victims of the creepy clown craze, which has seen people dressing up as scary clowns across the U.K. [DailyMail.com]

D.C. Teen Arrested For Making Clown-Related Threat Against Middle School

D.C. police have arrested a 14-year-old girl for making a clown-related threat against a middle school. Police said the girl called McKinley Middle School several times to warn that armed clowns were coming to the school and that it needed to be evacuated before she hung up without providing any other details.The teenager has been charged with false report of a weapon of mass destruction. [Fox 5 DC]

Hatchet-Wielding Clown Terrorizes Gas Station

A clown who carried a hatchet into a North Carolina gas station is facing charges after frightening several customers. Police say Travis Pressley, 20 (main photo), was found near the Indian Trail Wilco/Hess station with marijuana and the hatchet in his backpack, and his face was painted with clown makeup. Pressley’s makeup is visible in his police mug shot. Detectives said that the suspect told them that he was merely trying to frighten people. [WPTV/YouTube]

California Man Arrested After He Claimed Clown Threatened Him

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a homeowner in Santa Clarita on suspicion of possessing weapons and narcotics after he claimed to have been threatened by a man in a clown costume carrying a knife. The 24-year-old homeowner told police that he was smoking a cigarette in front of his house at around 6 A.M. Sunday when a six-foot man dressed as a clown approached him and brandished a knife. The homeowner then said he fired a warning shot and called 911. When police arrived on the scene, they found no clown — but did find weapons and drugs. Police found a man wearing a clown costume a few blocks away, but said the homeowner could not positively identify him as the same one who menaced him. [MSN]

London Police Arrest Clown Carrying Chainsaw

A 19-year-old has been arrested after students at a university in London noticed a clown who appeared to be carrying a chainsaw on Sunday. The clown was seen at Brunel University by a number of students, who shared photos and videos on Twitter. Charlotte Hulme, a 21-year-old English student, told BuzzFeed News that they went and hid in their rooms. The BBC reported that a 19-year-old man had been arrested following the incident. [Buzzfeed News]

Main photo: Travis Pressley [Union County Sheriff’s Office]



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