Teen Suspects in Friend’s Murder Posted “Disturbing” Facebook Messages About Killing

Main photos: Dakota White (left) and Brandon Warren (right) [Perry Police Department]

Eighteen-year-old Samuel Poss of Perry, Georgia, was last seen alive on October 14 at a gathering in the home of Dakota White (above left), his 17-year-old friend. Now White and another local youth, Brandon Warren (above right), 18, stand accused of murdering Poss. All three teens had attended Perry High School together.

After Poss’s parents reported him missing on October 15, an intensive, two-day search turned up his stabbed, strangled body on a trail in a wooded area. Acting on information they have yet to disclose, police arrested White and Warren for the crime on October 19.

Now police believe that one or both suspects may have gloated about the murder online, and later posted news stories on social media about the search to find the victim.

Dakota White's alleged Facebook post, via Perry Police Department

Dakota White’s alleged Facebook post, via Perry Police Department

A Facebook post from the account of “TG Zilla,” who authorities believe is White, states, “When you go to finally lay down and realize there is blood all over your pillow lol.”

An earlier White post reads, “I wouldn’t mind taking a knife shoving it into someone’s throat and just watch them choke on their own blood until they die.”

A post by Warren depicts two individuals in Halloween masks, above the caption, ““Who could love you… but the mold that sprouts form your cold sad corpse.” 

Perry Police Captain Heath Dykes told reporters about the ongoing investigation, “There’s a lot of things in this case that are real weird. No one deserves to be killed, murdered, and dumped like that.”

At this point, according to reports, a motive for the murder has not been revealed.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Samuel Poss’s funeral expenses.

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Main photos: Dakota White (left) and Brandon Warren (right) [Perry Police Department]


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