Teen On Trial For Allegedly Trying To Murder Ex-Friend Had “Kill List” Of Classmates

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A British teen is on trial in the Winchester Crown Court for attempting to murder her former best friend. The teenager (who cannot be named for legal reasons) was 14 when she allegedly lured her best friend to a secluded part of her school’s grounds with the promise of giving her a present, and then stabbed the other girl with a kitchen knife. The victim sustained minor chest wounds. The teen has admitted to the unlawful wounding of her former friend, as well as possession of a blade on school grounds, but insists she did not intend to kill anyone. At least one witness testified that she saw the teen leading the victim off, and the two were giggling. She said that the teen had told her that morning that she was going to attack the victim, but nobody believed she’d do it.

According to reports, the teen said that she believed that the victim was creating fake accounts on social media under the teen’s name and posting pictures that the teen had sent to her on Snapchat. Those pictures, said to have been of the teen and her home, apparently were also posted to Instagram, 4chan, and Kik. From those three sources, the teen said she began getting “rude and suggestive” private messages from complete strangers. She was able to stop the messages only by deleting all of her social-media profiles and accounts. The victim denied having anything to do with the fake accounts or the pictures being posted.

When Ted Bundy appeared on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List.

When Ted Bundy appeared on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.

The teen told authorities that at that time, she was so hurt and unhappy from everything that had transpired that she began to self-harm. She said she felt as though she couldn’t trust anyone or even talk to anyone. She told authorities that whenever she was around the victim, she felt uneasy and unable to trust her.

Police learned that the teen had researched fatal stab wounds on the internet the morning of the attack. The teen, who is now 15, said that in the year or two before, she had been interested in the topic of such serial killers as Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, and had even done a project for her school exams on them as she believed it would be “cool and edgy.” She also admitted to viewing online videos of mutilations.

Richard Ramirez Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Richard Ramirez [Wikimedia Commons]

Additionally, she showed signs of being obsessed with the Columbine Massacre and other school shootings. Investigators discovered a “kill list” that the teen had compiled of people she didn’t like at school, and also say she had plotted to kill her mother and her brother months before the knife attack. She had even shown up to school on the day of the attack with cuts at the corners of her mouth in an attempt to emulate the signature facial wounds of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” in The Dark Knight. According to the prosecution, the teen told police that she had been “heavily influenced” by at least one voice in her head.

A friend of the suspect who spoke in court read aloud a message sent by the teen which said, “It’s either this or a school shooting but I want to do it after I get off my braces and before the science GCSEs.”

The teen’s trial is ongoing.

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Main photo: ThinkStock. (i) The Licensed Material is being used for illustrative purposes only; and (ii) any person depicted in the Licensed Material, if any, is a model and not involved in a crime.


    It might be that adult supervision and or parental guidance was completely absent from this child’s life. Abuse within her household or bullying from classmates may have created an extremely ceceptible individual who was left alone to create fantasies of vengance.