Can You Help Identify This Missouri Jane Doe By Her Unique Tattoos?

An anonymous “Jane Doe” was discovered by a Missouri roadside this past Saturday, and authorities hope the public may be able to identify her by her tattoos.

The mystery woman is described as Caucasian, and having been between 25 and 35 years old. She was wearing a red-and-blue sundress and flip-flops. Her naturally dark hair was dyed dark blue. She also has a large scar on her inner thigh.

The Jane Doe’s body turned up on Interstate 44, a busy stretch of roadway in Phelps County, Missouri. Responders were called to the scene of the westbound lanes at mile marker 171 on Saturday morning, October 1, at around 1:25 A.M.

The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department has released photographs of the woman’s tattoos in hope that someone will recognize who she is from seeing them. The tattoos are as follows:

• Right ankle, victim has a vine stretching from the top of her foot to a toe

• Left shoulder blade, victim has a red heart with wings and butterflies

• Right shoulder blade, the victim has a black wolf alongside a white wolf

The cause of death has not been officially determined. It’s unclear if someone dumped the woman, or if she maybe fell out of a moving vehicle.

If you know anything about this case, please contact the Phelps County Sheriff’s Office directly: (573) 426-3860 or the Missouri Highway Patrol Division: (573) 368-2345.

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Main photo: Phelps County Sherrif’s Department


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