Crime Most Fowl: Chicken Arrested For Crossing The Road

Tayside Police Division Facebook

Officers in Dundee, Scotland, busted a chicken for doing what, in the world of jokes, chickens do most naturally: crossing the road.

Morning commuters alerted authorities after spotting the jaywalking yardbird pecking its way through traffic.

Responders wrangled the feathery wanderer back to the local precinct house, gave it some breakfast, petted it for a while, and then turned the fowl over to the SSPCA.

The Tayside Police Division posted a photo of the suspect on Facebook, and reported: “Officers were in East Marketgait, Dundee at 8:30 this morning after reports of a chicken trying to cross the road and giving passing motorists cause for concern.”

The bird’s owner is being sought and officers say they are “appealing for any information as to why the chicken was crossing the road.”

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Main photo: The perp. [Tayside Police Division Facebook]



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