Mysterious Note Found in Raleigh Hotel Confesses to Kidnapping, Torture, Murder

Is it a real confession of kidnapping and murder? Is it a delusional scrawl? Is it all just someone’s idea of a prank?

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, are pondering those questions, and others, in response to a note discovered by a Sheraton Hotel worker while he was moving furniture. The missive was taped up behind a framed portrait, as if to make the whole thing just that much more unnerving.

The handwritten screed details elaborate claims that between 2008 and 2010, the writer lured victims to the room to be gagged, sodomized, and made to “go free from this world.”

The worker, who has asked to remain anonymous, told reporters, “It’s scary, to be honest — that someone would put so much thought into that.”

As to the validity of the note, the Raleigh Police Department said at this point it does not appear to be connected to any incidents they are working or have ever worked. As a precaution, however, authorities are holding it in their evidence room.

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Main photo: screenshot from WTVD news report video