Dead Body Found With Slices Of Ham On Buttocks, Genitals In Tuna Can

So far, the death of Steven Allford of England is producing nothing but questions.

First off, how did Allford, 51, wind up dead just outside Malaga Airport in Spain?

Secondly, why was he tied up with his pants pulled down around his ankles?

And, finally, what does it mean that one slice of ham was placed meticulously on each of his buttocks and that his genitals were stuffed into an open can of tuna?

A security officer found Alford’s body in this state this past Friday at 9 A.M. just outside the airport’s main terminal. Allford was bound by cable ties to a bench. Initial post-mortem reports indicate that Allford was severely intoxicated and died from choking on his own vomit. Allford suffered from schizophrenia and is reported to have regularly medicated himself with alcohol. He is said to have also been a familiar sight in an area nearby where homeless people gather.

Now police are trying to determine if Allford was left in its unusual state before or after he died.

So far there are two theories. One is that “pranksters” tied Allford up and covered him with food while he was too drunk to defend himself. The other is that Allford fell victim to a “hate crime” against homeless people and that he may have been actively choked by one or more attackers. Investigators are also trying to determine if Allford was sexually assaulted.

It is unknown if Allford has friends or family in the area. The investigation continues.

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Main photo: Malaga Airport crime scene [Daily Mail video/screenshot]


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