Father Forgives Daughter’s Ex for Killing Her, Dissolving Body in Acid

Former Air Force Sergeant Steven Williams will spend 35 years behind bars for killing Tricia Williams Todd, his ex-wife and the mother of their child. After the murder, Williams reportedly left their toddler at home alone so he could go dismember Tricia’s body with a chainsaw. He then soaked the remains in acid, and buried them.

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Williams did not appear to show any emotion during a sentencing hearing this week for second-degree murder in a Stuart, Florida, courtroom. During the sentencing, David Todd, Tricia’s father, publicly declared he forgives his former son-in-law.

Earlier this year, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office released the last known photo of Tricia alive. She appears at a Publix store, seeming to be a in a good mood. After the picture was taken, Tricia never showed up to her job as a hospice nurse. Williams reported his ex-wife missing that day, saying she failed to come pick up their child.

Tricia Williams Todd, Martin County Sheriff's Office

Tricia Williams Todd [Martin County Sheriff’s Office]

Williams took a plea deal in exchange for showing investigators where the remains were dumped. When they got to Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area, they found a tub of acid, some partial remains including teeth, saws, and a pair of pliers. Wanting to determine whether what they found were the extent of her remains that were left, forensic investigators replicated the situation using acid and body parts of a pig. They decided that the remains that Williams led them to likely constituted the entirety of what was left of Tricia.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder spoke out and said he believed Williams deserved much more time behind bars, but at this point he believes justice has been served. Along with the 35-year sentence, Williams will serve another five years concurrently for child neglect.

During dramatic family testimonies, David Todd told the court he didn’t always pray for Williams, but that has changed. “(Now) you’re the fourth person on my list. Whenever I come down to Tricia’s name, I substitute you. She doesn’t need any more prayers; she’s in a place of bliss,” Todd said.

Kendall Todd, Tricia’s brother, added, “There’s a lot of hurting people where you’re going, We hope you can be a light.”

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Main photos: Tricia Williams Todd (left), Steven Williams [Martin County Sheriff’s Office]