UPDATE: Michael Vance, Facebook Live Spree Killer, Killed After Police Shootout

Michael Vance, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

UPDATE (OCTOBER 31, 2016):

After being on the run from the police for nearly a week, murder suspect and fugitive Michael Vance has been killed in a shootout with police. A tip came in from a property owner who spotted Vance camping out. Oklahoma police attempted to pull Vance over, but he wasn’t ready to surrender without a fight. He led officers on a 25-minute car chase, during which Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander was injured by gunfire. The manhunt finally ended after another shootout with three state troopers, which finally left Vance dead.

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An intense manhunt has entered its third day as authorities pursue Michael Vance, 38, an Oklahoma man who is accused of killing two people and shooting at least four others. Police fear that he is HIV positive and may attempt to spread the virus. Authorities believe Vance was keeping a hit list of others he may want to target.

Vance live-streamed his escape from arrest on Facebook after allegedly wounding two Wellston police officers with an AK-47 assault rifle. The officers are expected to survive.

Since that incident, he’s said to have streamed himself on Facebook at least two additional times. In one video, Vance appears to be covered in blood with a rifle on the seat next to him.

KOCO reports that Vance wrote on Facebook, “You knew this would happen … that I would get my guns and I would come,” Vance said. “You’re so lucky this went down this way. I was coming for you, [expletive], and that little boy you’re [expletive], too.”

After shooting the officers, Vance reportedly fled the scene in one of their police cars. Authorities believe Vance ditched the squad car and carjacked a vehicle at a local trailer park, shooting another woman in the process. That victim took a bullet in the upper thigh and is expected to recover.

Further concern arises that Vance “may attempt to spread” a disease, and he is believed to be HIV positive.

Vance was recently released from prison on charges of child-sex assault. According to the Oklahoma City Sheriff’s Department, he now stands accused of killing Valerie Kay Wilkson, 54; and her husband, Ronald Evertt Wilkson, 55 — his aunt and uncle. One victim’s head was nearly severed, and the other’s arm was almost taken off.

The individuals on Vance’s alleged “hit list” have been notified and provided with protection.

Vance is described as Native American, standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, and weighing 212 pounds. Authorities stress that Vance is believed to be armed and dangerous and warn the public not to approach him. They believe he may be headed to the Las Vegas area.

Instead, if you see Vance, please immediately call 911 or contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

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Main photos: Michael Vance, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department

  • Carolyn Lee

    this sounds like a gay guy that has been lied about ,,terrible that he should kill but he is definitely gay and I’m betting the child belongs to his aunt and uncle hmm

    • Drew

      Where in sweet Jesus do you get gay from? Nothing in the article points to him being gay in the slightest…

      • Carolyn Lee

        obviously you don’t read to well or missed the article about it

    • Shelley Schmiedbauer-Nunley

      Seriously? Talk about pulling stuff out of the air!

  • Sarah Collver

    this guy is not native american he is most certainly very european. he is mixed race and you should say that stop trying to criminalize native american people and stop ignoring people with mixed race backgrounds.

    • StevenG

      Have you traced his heritage through DNA?
      Then shut up.
      You have no clue what you are talking about. Trying to be all politically correct and sounding like a complete douchebag instead.

    • Phoebe

      How would you know what his background is? You just say that without knowing the guy and just seeing him in a video and suddenly oh boom you know exactly what his background is? “most certainly very european” bullshit.