Miami Man With “Half A Head” Busted For Arson And Attempted Murder

Main photos: Carlos Rodriguez [Miami Police Department]

Carlos Rodriguez, 31, faces charges of arson and attempted murder after pouring flammable liquid on a mattress in a duplex owned by his mother and lighting it ablaze. What makes this crime remarkable is Rodriguez’s mug shot.

Carlos Rodriguez, Miami Police Department, 2010

Carlos Rodriguez, Miami Police Department, 2010

As a result of a car accident that removed much of his brain and severely deformed his skull, Carlos Rodriguez now has only “half a head.” He even openly goes by the nickname “Halfy.”

Police arrested Rodriguez after the mattress fire on Monday night, which seriously endangered two other tenants who reside in the duplex. By Wednesday, Rodriguez’s mug shot had become an Internet sensation. He is presently being held on $20,000 bond.

This incident actually marks the third time that “Halfy” has gone viral.

The first occurred in 2010 when the Miami New Times posted his mugshot after Rodriguez got picked up for soliciting a prostitute.

The Times even had to run a follow-up assuring doubtful readers that, indeed, the photos were real.

In 2012, Rodriguez starred in a viral video wherein he smokes a cigarette of questionable content while explaining that he injured himself while driving under the influence of drugs. The video is titled, “Half-Head Tells Kids Don’t Do Drug While He’s Smoking Weed.”

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Main photos: Carlos Rodriguez [Miami Police Department]

  • Common Misconception (Alex)

    Looks like he has a good chance at diminished capacity just needs a good MRI. Seriously, how is he functional with the front of his brain essentially missing? Unless his frontal lobe was somehow untouched, he just needs a decent lawyer and some long-term care. I actually feel sorry for him and I hope he gets the help he needs.