Ohio Dad Tells 8-Year-Old Son Mom Died From Heroin OD, Posts Video On Facebook

In a Facebook video that has gone viral, Ohio resident Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark, 29, sits across from Cameron, his eight-year-old son. Bickenstaff-Clark then breaks the news to Cameron that the boy’s mother has died from a heroin overdose.

In the video, Cameron, who lives with his grandmother in a homeless shelter, is still toting his backpack from a day at school. The Washington Post blurred the child’s face to protect his privacy.

With the camera recording, Bickerstaff-Clark tells his son, “Mommy died last night.”

What?” Cameron askes.

After Clark repeats himself, Cameron says, “What do you mean? My mom?… How?”

Clark tells the boy that his mother died from drugs.

The next few moments are agonizing as Cameron cries, deeply. Cameron’s grandmother catches the boy as he falls toward her, and his father comforts him.

The Washington Post reports that authorities have confirmed that the deceased mother was Lacey Wood. Although Cameron had not seen her over the past year, according to the report, she called the boy frequently.

Bickerstaff-Clark told the Washington Post that Cameron did not know he was being recorded at the time, but after talking, he backed his father’s decision to post the video online to show the world how drugs can devastate the lives of everyone connected to the user.

Talking to US magazine, Bickerstaff-Clark said he is presently living in a sober house, attends recovery meetings, and has 100 days clean.

He also said: “I would love to actually be there and be a dad and put him to bed at night and get him on the school bus. My son lost his mother; I can’t let my son lose his father.”

The video has been viewed more than 34 million times.

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Main photo: BrendenBickerstaff-Clark Facebook video/screenshot

  • rie

    Dad needs to get and stay clean for this child if not for himself

  • DaniC

    I understand that he feels like sharing the video will help someone, but that was a very private moment for his child. Now it’s all over the internet.

  • Jara Matthews

    thats gross.
    he wanted a viral video so he exploits his sons anguish?
    the child doesnt need to know it was an od.
    He shouldn’t know that until hes old enough to know drugs are not bad or shameful.
    This is sick.

    • blisa05

      I whole heartedly disagree. When I was little older that this boy, my grandma committed suicide. I was told at the time that she just fell peacefully to sleep and never woke back up. Fast-foward nearly twenty years my Papa makes a mistake talking about he suicide. I was crushed all over again, as were all of my siblings. Tell the truth now, because if you wait, or someone slips about something they are not supposed to say, THAT is what crushes the child, Tell the truth. And another thing, this is a very powerful video, because it shows what truly happened if you dink around with drugs. The child already knew it was something to do with it because he asked if it was the drugs. She this video across the country. Life if worth living for. Not the drugs.