Coffee Crimes: When A Caffeine Run Turns Into A “Latte” Trouble

Temperatures are dropping, and it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season! As we race to stand in the theme park–length lines, battle caffeine withdrawal, see our names butchered on our cups, and wait patiently as a tourist pays in pennies, let’s be thankful that those are the worst of our troubles when making a coffee run.

In addition to customers who swipe tips from jars or threaten to sue because their drinks didn’t have enough ice, coffee chains have have seen their share of assaults, hate crimes, and even murder.

Waffle House Of Horrors: Customer Killed Server Who Told Him To Put Out His Cigarette

Waffle House [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Waffle House [Wikimedia Commons]

A Mississippi man killed a Waffle House waitress in November 2015 when she asked him to put out his cigarette. The server, Julie Brightwell, was working around 1 A.M. on a Friday night at the Biloxi location when Johnny Max Mount, 45, refused to stub out his e-cigarette — and then pulled out a .9mm handgun and shot her. When police arrested Mount a short time later, he had the weapon concealed beneath his shirt. According to a family friend, the shooter had suffered from a brain injury 13 years prior when he was struck by a car on Christmas Eve 2002. “He was a good person,” his friend told the Sun Herald.He wasn’t a monster. I don’t know, something just snapped.” Mount was charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting trial. [New York Daily News]

Man “Went Crazy,” Shot And Killed Stranger When Credit Card Was Declined

A man shot another man dead inside a Las Vegas Starbucks after getting into an argument. Police said that the killer, later identified as Pedro Garcia, “went crazy” on September 25 after his credit card was declined at the drive-thru, and even though the barista gave the man his drink, he stormed into the store and got into a fight with Aleksandr Khutsishvili, 41. He opened fire and shot Khutsishvilli, who later died. Police say that the two men had never met, and confirmed that it was Garcia who called 911 to request medical assistance. [ABC News]

Woman Invites “Rapist” To Coffee, Shoots Him In Face

Armed Gunmen Rob Coffee Shop In Arkansas

River City Coffee in Little Rock, Arkansas [Photo: Google Maps]

River City Coffee in Little Rock, Arkansas [Google Maps]

Authorities in Little Rock are investigating an armed robbery that happened outside the River City coffee shop on October 6. According to police reports, the two victims said they were sitting outside River City coffee at around 9:30 P.M. when a vehicle with three occupants pulled up. A single gunman — who police describe as a black man who stood about 6 feet tall, weighed 160 pounds and was wearing a black hoodie and black basketball shorts — got out and pointed a black firearm at them and took one victim’s purse. The assailant then allegedly “cocked the hammer on the firearm” and demanded her male companion’s phone and wallet before getting back into the vehicle and leaving the scene. Police are also investigating another armed robbery that happened nearby, and believe that the two crimes may be related. [Arkansas Online]

Anarchy In Atlanta

A man has described his terrifying ordeal after being beaten by a group of “self-described anarchists” in an Atlanta Starbucks. Police say Casey Martinson, 28, along with Nicholas Wolf and Katherine Carson, both 29, were protesting with about 20 other people outside the Midtown Shopping Center when they walked into the Starbucks and began damaging property and getting into confrontations with customers. “Someone started pulling my shirt and tore my shirt off, and someone else was trying to wail on me,” one witness said, describing the scene as he was caught between the suspects and police. Martinson has been charged with battery with substantial physical harm, criminal damage to property, terroristic threats, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence. [11Alive]

Kansas Police Hunt Suspect In Scooter’s Coffee Robbery Attempt

Kansas police are using video to help identify a man who attempted to rob at a west Wichita Scooter’s coffee shop. Police say that a 26-year-old employee was working Saturday night when a 40- to 55-year-old man drove up to the drive-thru window in a new white Chrysler or Buick Regal, pointed a gun at her and demanded money. But the robbery was foiled after the employee raced into the store’s bathroom and called police — and the assailant drove away. This is the second time a crime occurred at a Scooter’s in less than a week, police say. [The Wichita Eagle]

Washington Man Beaten Down While Wearing Only His Underwear 

Police say that the bizarre brawl began when a confrontation between two neighbors spilled out onto the street. One man, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts, ran into the nearby coffee house where the fight continued, and several customers can be overheard yelling at the men to stop. A Vancouver police spokesperson said one man was arrested for first-degree burglary and second-degree assault, while the other was hospitalized with facial fractures. Kapp said the victim was at home, when his neighbor broke in and assaulted him. Police haven’t released either man’s name. [Q13 Fox News]

Man Killed By Skateboard At Starbucks Had Criminal Past 

Ozro Robert Lee [Photo: Orange County District Attorney's Office]

Ozro Robert Lee [Orange County District Attorney’s Office]

An Orange County man who was fatally struck by a skateboard during a dispute at Starbucks had a shady criminal past, police have revealed. Ozro Robert Lee, 50, walked into the Santa Ana coffee shop on November 4, 2015 and approached a man in his twenties, detective believe. At some point, the two got into a verbal and physical fight, with the younger man using a skateboard to hit Lee — who went into cardiac arrest and later died. In 2012, Lee was convicted of burglary, indecent exposure, and child annoyance after he allegedly broke into a 59-year-old woman’s home, dropped his pants and masturbated in front of her and her two young grandchildren. He was sentenced to four years behind bars. [Los Angeles Times]

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