Texas Police Find Body in Barrel, Arrest Nearby Gun-Wielder

Acting on a tip this past Friday, police in Bexar County, Texas discovered a dead body stuffed inside a barrel. They then arrested Derrick Rodriguez, 20, who was at home nearby.

Rodriguez fit the tip’s description of the killer possessing a beard, neck tattoos, and copious curly black hair. He also did not go quietly.

A brief stand-off occurred, culminating with officers bursting into Rodriguez’s residence and finding a loaded firearm. The suspect has a criminal past, and it remains unknown now how he and the dead man in the barrel knew one another.

The vicim has been identified as 33-year-old Abel Salazar, and an official motive has not been determined at this point. Early reports indicate Salazar died from gunshot wounds.

Rodriquez is under arrest and facing charges of murder and aggravated robbery.

News 4 reports that Rodriguez has also been linked to a case from this past summer in which he has been accused of showing up unwanted at a high school classmate’s home. Allegations indicate that the intruder tied up the resident and threatened to shoot him, until the victim escaped unharmed.

Main image: Derrick Rodriguez, Bexar County Police

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